Getting personal with Serge Girardi

Fashion editor and creative consultant Serge Girardi is the new Master in Fashion Styling mentor. 

The career-driven industry expert fits his new mentorship role like a glove, equipped with a charming combination of knowledge and experience to encourage young stylists in the most fitting way. 

Serge Girardi was a small town boy with city of light dreams. After spending his younger years working in an opposite field, the talented visionary made a radical career change. In 1984, he was hired at COMME des GARÇONS in Paris as a men’s shop manager. Following five solid years in the position, he transitioned to a public relations role within the same company.

Serge Girardi styling Polimoda students

Ready to move on to the editorial world, Serge began working as a Fashion Editor for Vogue Homme International. He subsequently became Fashion Director of Numero Homme Paris in 2001. During his 17-year tenure at the magazine, he collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld, Liz Collins, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Matthias Vriens, Matthew Brookes, Eric Nehr and Nagib Taib. He also worked as a fashion editor for T Magazine, Under the Influence, Les Echos Week-end and Man of the World, and served as a men’s fashion consultant for Zegna, Salvatore Ferragamo, Berluti and Fendi. With over 30 years’ experience under his belt, he is the ultimate Master in Fashion Styling mentor.

Serge Girardi mentoring Polimoda students

If you talk to Serge Girardi about the importance of mentorship and the current job market, his transparency about the industry is refreshing. “The job market is hard. Transfer of knowledge is essential and fashion needs mentors. A styling program will make a true difference when trying to land your first job,” explains Girardi. He knows exactly what he wants to transmit to his mentees.

“I love focusing on the behavior a stylist should have when part of a team. We must learn to share ideas instead of imposing them on photographers & beauty teams. It is important to realize how precious it really is to be part of a creative team so you can give life to looks and build characters.”

Serge Girardi

Serge Girardi with Polimoda students

Bienvenue, Serge! We’re thrilled to have you on the Polimoda mentorship team.

Cover: Serge Girardi, photography by Casta Diva Ideas. Images: Undergraduate in Fashion Styling photoshoot, photography by Polimoda student Beatrice Vesprini