Hands-on approach from the fashion industry


Hands-on approach from the fashion industry

Polimoda courses will take you on a journey of discovery, giving you the chance to explore your passions and career opportunities. To maximize your experience you can count on the expert guidance of our lecturers.

Highly respected professionals from the fashion industry, they will share their experience with a hands-on approach that is typical of the Polimoda method. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the sector, they understand how the fashion world operates and guarantee up-to-date training that takes account of the latest developments in the industry. 

They design ad hoc study programmes with the goal of helping every student fulfil their creative and professional potential and setting them on the road to success in their personal lives and careers.

Polimoda Faculty 2024/25

Our faculty is a team of coordinators, mentors and leading teachers, each with their own area of expertise. They work together to provide a strong and supportive learning environment for our students.

For the academic year 2024/25, the structure of our faculty includes:

Massimiliano Giornetti – Director

Design Department

Business Department

In addition to our core faculty members, we have a large number of teachers who come directly from the industry. They bring their firsthand experiences and insights to the classroom, providing our students with a unique and valuable learning experience. Our teachers team is inclusive by DNA and they come not only from the fashion industry, but also from other companies, organizations, agencies and institutions that are closely related to the fashion industry, such as arts, communications, technology, hospitality and design.

This diverse group of teachers allows our students to learn from a variety of perspectives, giving them a well-rounded education that is relevant to the real-world challenges of the fashion industry.