At Polimoda, the well-being of students comes first.

To assist and support them in the large and small personal difficulties they may encounter during their studies and stay in Florence, the institute has entered into a psychological counseling agreement with the National Observatory for Psychological Abuses (O.N.A.P.).

Throughout the school hours, bilingual professionals (Italian and English) are available to students within the Institute for personal interviews concerning psycho-social problems of student or private life.

O.N.A.P. Italia is a scientific and professional body for social promotion born with the idea of ​​promoting psycho/social health, understood as emotional competence, which allows us to best express the potential that each of us is endowed with, whether they are aimed at school commitments or work, than to establishing relationships with others, or to dialogue with oneself.


If you think you need this service or simply want more information, you can contact the Academic Affairs office who will be at your complete disposal, ensuring maximum discretion.