Specially designed areas to foster your talent


Specially designed areas to foster your talent

To foster interdisciplinary collaboration, interaction and the creative and intellectual growth of all our students, Polimoda boasts a series of specially designed facilities.

Spaces equipped with modern and traditional instruments, specialist labs and much more besides, perfect for sharing ideas, solving problems and creating.

Information Technology

The Polimoda Information Technology Office makes next-generation labs, software and tools available to students to help them with their studies and prepare them for professional life in the fashion industry.

12 computer labs in the three sites with over 400 next-gen graphic design workstations, scanners, printers and graphics tablets.

The rooms are equipped with CAD software for designing clothes, Lectra (2D and 3D) with dedicated A0 digitiser and CLO3D, software for designing footwear and accessories (Mozart) and 3D modeling for both PC and Mac (Rhino and 3DSMax). Adobe CC and Microsoft Office complete the suite of software available to students.


The Polimoda Library, one of the biggest fashion libraries in Europe, is located on the Villa Favard site. 

At the complete disposal of students and also open to researchers and professionals from outside the school, the library catalog includes monographs, photography books, complete collections of magazines, periodicals, videos and lookbooks, as well as old, rare and valuable publications that make it possible to study fashion from all perspectives.

Study areas

All three Polimoda sites have student study areas, open from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening, 6 days a week, all year round, with computer workstations, Wi-Fi connection and spaces designed so students can work independently on their projects and study between lessons.

Aula Magna

The Villa Favard and Manifattura Tabacchi sites each have an aula magna which is used for the presentation of projects and the discussion of dissertations, interdisciplinary lessons, and guest lectures and conferences open to the public with illustrious guests from the world of fashion.

The aula magna of Villa Favard is a historic space in the city with a capacity of 100 and an atmosphere evocative of the Italian academic tradition. Meanwhile, the aula magna of Manifattura Tabacchi is a modern recently-constructed auditorium with a capacity of 250, fitted with the most modern technology and audio-visual solutions.

Admin Offices

The Villa Favard site hosts all of the admin offices and the numerous services that we make available to current, past and future or potential students.

From the Orientation Office to the Academic Office, from the Career Office to the Admin Office, our staff is available to assist and support students during their career at Polimoda with the attention and human touch for which we are known.


The Manifattura Tabacchi site is equipped with next-generation professional instruments so students can work in an environment that faithfully reproduces the reality of the industry: 12 workshops, 10 tailoring and 2 knitwear, and an entire open space dedicated to tailoring and the study of the collections of last year’s students, equipped with flatbed cutting and sewing machines, specific tailoring machines, as well as ironing boards in every workshop, looms for knitting, linking machines and tailor’s dummies of different sizes and types. 

All spaces are geared to facilitating teamwork with large labs designed to accommodate multidisciplinary study and work groups.


All equipped with professional instruments, the workshops of the Polimoda Design Lab, in the heart of the Italian manufacturing district in Scandicci, represent a direct line between the school and local businesses.

Leatherware workshops, for the creation of accessories, bags and footwear, and the new department dedicated to textiles.

Photo studios

There are two photo studios available to students at the Manifattura Tabacchi site. Professional studios with all necessary equipment for fashion styling, art direction and communication course photo shoots, lessons and projects, and for all design-related courses.


There are two specialist shops open exclusively to students at the Manifattura Tabacchi and Design Lab sites. 

Here they can get all of the tools of the trade and the materials they need to carry out their creative projects (canvas and fabrics, needlework and leatherware instruments, etc.) at wholesale prices.


The bar-cafeteria immersed in the lush garden of Villa Favard, facing the Lungarno, is a relaxing place for Polimoda students and teachers to unwind during breaks between lessons. 

Developed inside what was the greenhouse of the Villa with a large outdoor area and managed by the historic Gamberini cafe and patisserie, it guarantees an international menu with the quality of Italian products.