Quality & Acknowledgment

Awards, rankings and certifications

Quality & Acknowledgment

Awards, rankings and certifications

Polimoda’s reputation is built on the standards of excellence upheld by our teaching staff, our resources and our academic programs but is also recognised and confirmed by international rankings, awards, partnerships and institutional acknowledgements.

United Nations Office for Partnerships - 2022

Polimoda was the first academic institution to form part of the United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network, the online platform dedicated to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the fashion industry.

Polimoda launched this collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships with the aim of promoting and carrying out sustainability initiatives in the world of fashion with a strong focus on inclusivity, equality and education and employment opportunities – issues that have always been of primary importance to Polimoda.

Monte Carlo Fashion Week - 2022

Polimoda wins Educational Award at Monte Carlo Fashion Week 2022. The gala awards are presented to those who have stood out for their ethical and innovative vision, celebrating the excellence of their craftsmanship and innovation.

An important acknowledgment of the work Polimoda is doing in the fashion sector with emerging designers

Forbes - 2021

Forbes has included Polimoda in its list of the best fashion schools in the world – the only Italian institute in the rankings – because of its international dimension, its close ties with the fashion industry and its innovation.
According to Forbes, Polimoda is shaping the future of fashion.

It looks to the future with optimism, focusing on new beginnings, creating opportunities and making room for a bright new generation of young fashion designers and talents. 

Multi award-winning American journalist Stephan Rabimov chose Polimoda for its close relationship with the industry, the networking opportunities it offers and its international student population.

Best Education Award - 2019

At the Milano Fashion Global Summit 2019 dedicated to the most innovative and dynamic companies in the Italian fashion industry, Polimoda came ahead of Italy’s finest fashion schools to win the Best Education Award.

Polimoda was chosen for its exceptional global growth, its 70% international student population and its strong commitment to Made in Italy.An important award that acknowledges the talent and dedication of Polimoda’s close-knit community of industry leaders, partners, mentors and consultants.

The Business Of Fashion - 2015-2017

For three consecutive years Polimoda ranked among the world’s top 10 fashion schools according to the rankings of the authoritative The Business Of Fashion magazine, as well as ranking fifth – and first among Italian schools – for its fashion business education programs.

The BOF rankings have long been regarded as the most comprehensive and accurate survey on global fashion training, the result of a detailed analysis of the most important aspects of fashion education. As well as the opinions of students, former pupils, HR professionals, influencers and researchers, the rankings also take account of Undergraduate and Master programs in over 70 schools across the world.

Parameters such as influence at international level, the quality of teaching and the readiness of graduates to enter the working world have highlighted the excellence of Polimoda and its training method, placing the school towards the top of the rankings for its Undergraduate and Master courses, alongside schools of international renown like Central Saint Martins of London and Parsons School of Design of New York.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Polimoda has obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Quality Management System, necessary for regulating the delivery of its services and guaranteeing their quality. Further proof of Polimoda’s ongoing commitment to improving and maintaining high and recognised quality standards.

Maintaining this certification involves the continuous monitoring of its activities and services, and is an important step in Polimoda’s pathway to excellence.