For the many students that have to leave home to attend a Polimoda course, arriving in Florence from all over the world, the institute provides a free accommodation search service.

A specially designed service to make it easier and safer to find a room or apartment in Florence.

To provide this service we work with different types of accommodation facilities and estate agents who are able to meet all requirements in terms of living spaces and their location with respect to the Polimoda sites.

Find your home in Florence

If you are interested in using the Polimoda Housing service please fill out the contact form.

You will be asked a series of questions relating to your personal situation followed by other more specific questions on the type of accommodation you require.

Once we have received all the information we will provide you with the contact details of the estate agents and accommodation facilities in our database that have living solutions in line with your requirements.


Polimoda works alongside external estate agents to provide its housing service and even though it constantly monitors the quality of the services it provides, it cannot therefore be held responsible for the type of housing proposed by an estate agent or any contractual dispute that arises between the student and the estate agent.