Social media & community

Become our storyteller

Social media & community

Become our storyteller

The Communications Team is always thrilled to collaborate with students about new projects and challenges. Every your idea is welcomed to create the communications of our school as much inclusive as possible. Each story is meaningful to us and our community.

From Brand Ambassadors featured on our Instagram Stories, introducing and explaining what we’ll be about to experience or visit, to creating your visual storytelling for our social media and website through pictures and blog articles, students are free to choose the best way to share their messages and express communications.

Have a look at some of our past collaborations with Polimoda students. 

Learn with Polimoda

Surfing the famous TikTok trend #LearnWithTikTok, selected students by our Faculty members explain a subject or a topic from their personal point of view, related to their field of studies.

Brand Ambassadors on our Instagram Stories

From the Backstage of our Final Graduation Show, to Welcome to School and behind the scenes of the main event and activities at Polimoda, our students introduce and guide our fanbase inside our community. 

School trips

Field trips are noteworthy occasions where students can experience in person and deeply connect to their topic of study, away from the academic environment, and further appreciate what they studied in class. 


Communications office

Chiara Frangipani – Social Media Specialist

This kind of communications projects won’t be related to the academic careers of the students. Credits and marks won’t be assigned after the collaboration with the Communications Team.