Digital Strategy for Fashion

An increasing number of young digital natives, immersed in the continuous flow of information conveyed by mobile technology, are now approaching the fashion world.


  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Cost:14,000 per year
  • Language: English
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Start:September 26th 2022
End:June 17th 2023


Digitization in fashion is changing the industry as we know it and drawing the attention of countless contemporary designers. 

The fashion system has been a pioneer in integrating new tools and communication modes made available by the impetuous digitalization of the third millennium. Among these innovations, we may mention the earliest runways streamed online during the aughts, whose aesthetic strongly fascinates Gen Zers such as Cottagecore, Dark Academia and Old Money. In fact, the myriad of TikTok trends based on the beloved Y2K aesthetic are proof of it. This has further grown and enhanced with the pandemic.

There is more digital content being produced than ever before: from live events before, during and after fashion shows and presentations to online talks with creative directors and other creatives or managerial figures of the industry as well as unreleased behind-the-scenes and fashion films, the difference between physical and digital is getting thicker and the importance of digital strategy is clear.

The digital world is an extraordinary lens through which we read the dynamics of today’s fashion industry, from the ubiquity of social media to the gamification of fashion brands and even the use of innovative technologies such as AI, AR and NFTs. From online advertising and branded content to social networks, digital PR and content production in its broadest sense, the Undergraduate in Digital Strategy will provide all of the knowledge to further navigate the digital world and the tools needed to create successful brand strategies.


The Undergraduate in Digital Strategy for Fashion is a practical 2-year program with a main focus on digital transformations within the fashion industry. The course focuses on the understanding of the luxury fashion industry and its key platforms in digitization, fine-tuning the experience between physical and digital fashion and researching fashion brands that are taking the first steps into the metaverse and Web3, while developing audience insight and researching how younger generations use fashion in a digital way, contributing to new platform-based business models. 

The program shapes Digital Marketing Managers able to coordinate digital marketing areas: from social networks to native advertising, from SEO to Web Analytics and Content and from CRM to E-commerce. Today, brands focus on authentic and behavioral data-driven storytelling, aiming towards long-term growth and transparency regarding their purpose-driven business strategy. This professional must learn to have an ethics-driven approach to Data Governance in order to encourage sound knowledge of protection laws and the appropriate use of collected granular data and information.

Lessons are organized with teachers from the industry as well as guest lectures and workshops with outstanding professionals from the fashion system who will be invited to talk, inspire and empower our students. 

This unique and hands-on learning experience includes field trips, a midterm and a mandatory final project that amount to a total of 600 contact hours and the overall obtainment of 70 credits per year.

The course is completed with the possibility of an internship at the end of the second year, putting further in practice the mix of creative and analytical skills learned. This internship can be done in fashion brands or fashion agencies.  

Learning modules

This course is structured alongside the following learning modules:

  • 1 - Fashion Culture: the meaning behind fashion
  • 2 - Digital Marketing: Search Engine Marketing, analytics, planning and performance
  • 3 - Fashion E-commerce: Omnichannel management and product communications
  • 4 - Digital innovations: digital fashion and user adaptations
  • 5 - Digital Media Strategy: native advertising, branded content
  • 6 - Social Media Management: social media campaigns and budgets
  • 7 - Digital PR: influencers, KOL, celebrity management
  • 8 - Set & Production: creative content production


In order to be eligible for this course, you will need to be selected after the admission process.

Basic requirements are:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) with motivation letter
  • English language proficiency
  • Secondary school (high school) diploma or equivalent.


Based on individual character and acquired skills, you can become the next:

  • Digital marketing manager
    Digital marketing managers are responsible for the overall digital marketing strategy of a fashion brand or platform. They run the day-to-day management of projects and ensure that they are completed successfully through paid, organic and owned media. Digital marketing managers will measure the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns. The use of digital technology and also processes, in the development, distribution, and promotion of products and services, such as SEO and social media performance. They will also manage social media campaigns and budgets across all digital channels to promote quality traffic and customers, next to planning content calendars, maintain the company's content, among many other tasks, such as constant testing of new channels.
  • E-commerce performance manager
    E-commerce performance managers are responsible for developing and leading the direction and execution of the overall e-commerce strategy. In which the website is a key strategic channel for business growth, next to planning and leading an overall Omnichannel solution. Improving site metrics by increasing conversion, AOV and other KPIs. Analyzing engagement and shopper date to enhance the merchandising strategy and using data analytics to identify opportunities for further business development. 
  • Digital content creator
    Digital content creators are responsible for the ideation and execution of visual brand communications across all platforms. ensuring complete cohesion in representing the aesthetic and ethos. Digital content creators are multidisciplinary creatives, with experience in social media content creation, graphic design and shoot production. This omnichannel role is key in driving customer engagement across the brand's social channels and website. 


Furthermore, you can become a digital planning and performance manager, social media manager or become part of the newly developed metaverse business units.


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