Massimiliano Giornetti Appointed Head of Fashion Design

Director Danilo Venturi announces new Head of Fashion Design


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Following a year of momentous academic growth, Director Danilo Venturi announces Massimiliano Giornetti as the new Head of Fashion Design Department starting in the fall semester. This is a new chapter for the creative succeeding his 16-year tenure at Salvatore Ferragamo.

A future-oriented choice for Polimoda, Giornetti is a former student just like Venturi. After graduating in Fashion Design at our institute in collaboration with the London College of Fashion, Massimiliano Giornetti began his career in Haute Couture in Rome alongside designer and Polimoda alumnus Anton Giulio Grande, starting in the Men’s division of Salvatore Ferragamo in July 2000 and subsequently taking over creative direction four years later. In 2010, he also took on the Women’s ready-to-wear collection, thus becoming the first Creative Director of Ferragamo and holding the role for sixteen years.

“Polimoda’s success reflects our ability to understand the spirit of the time and possibly anticipate it. Observing the crisis of large retailers, I think that fashion will soon need a new wave of creativity and well-made products. Polimoda has direct access to made-in-Italy know-how and revels in ethnic, cultural and gender diversity among students; these are ideal conditions for the birth of contemporary design. Meeting Massimiliano was serendipitous; he knows how contemporary fashion works, he is a former student, he reached the highest levels on the international scene and he shares my same vision. The school will be a bit more maison with him and this will enable us to once again make our contribution,” explains Venturi.

With 2300 students currently enrolled from 68 different countries, Giornetti is looking forward to Polimoda’s multiculturalism. “Polyhedric in its nature for the contribution of different people and cultures, carrying their own aesthetic, taste and creative challenges. It is a contemporary melting pot in Florence, the city of the Renaissance; studying here means being stimulated by a variety of aesthetic and visual impulses more unique than any other city in the world. Polimoda is a large and modern laboratory for the fashion creatives of tomorrow; it is the ideal environment to develop an independent spirit and total autonomy of thought,” states Giornetti. 


Returning to Polimoda feels like homecoming

Massimiliano Giornetti
Head of Fashion Design Department, Polimoda

“Returning to Polimoda feels like homecoming” he continues. “This is the perfect time for me to go back to the drawing board, to find the lines and define the silhouette that will determine the style of the next decade. This is the ideal environment to enhance all of the creative potential in an individual, the measure of all things; true Neohumanism.”

We are looking forward to Massimiliano Giornetti bringing his extensive industry experience to Polimoda.