Looking Differently

On the night of September 2nd, Polimoda will open its lungarno gates to welcome guests into an enchanted Villa Favard for an installation of new perspectives and illuminated details curated by Linda Loppa and Massimiliano Giornetti.

(P)review - Looking Differently

To celebrate the prologues of style of our final-year Undergraduate in Fashion Design students, Polimoda will transform Villa Favard's captivating space into a magic lantern, inviting us to look at fashion from unconventional perspectives and new heights. As we long for empathy, we want to encourage students to (re)design the future of fashion with energy and renewed optimism. We're an observatory of contemporary society after all. 

Massimiliano Giornetti helping with final touches before the event

Student creations designed by Thomas McGovern, Robert Fioschi, Serena Schettino, Francesca Zangrillo, Ilaria Bellomo, Polina Popova, Ji Zhi, Yi Ding, Alice Baggio, Gianluca Padula, Francesca Monaci, Emma Gini, Yixuan Zhang, Lucia Garofalo, Karel Mirella Martinez Flor, Nicolas Bollinger, Diana Patricia Oscos Rueda, Zhanna Diakonenko, Giulia Riccoboni, Lorenzo Moretti, Sanjana Pessina and Silvia Anderson will be scattered throughout an illuminated path, playing with darkness and light. 

Prologue of style by Sanjana Pessina

Participants will be invited to indulge in the authenticity and stunning details of the hand-made garments. In this multi-sensorial environment, guests will be encouraged to enjoy the creativity of our new generation of designers under a Florentine night sky. Rewind and review to discover the real people behind the work. Indulge in the authenticity of fashion from new points of view in an installation curated by Linda Loppa, Advisor of Strategy and Vision, and Massimiliano Giornetti, Head of Fashion Design Department. 

Villa Favard and guests during (P)review

When darkness turns to light, what do you see?

For more photos of the event, check out our album.

Based on the ordinance of the Minister of Health issued on August 16, 2020, face coverings and social distancing measures will be mandatory. 

This event is by invitation only.
For press accreditation, please contact press@polimoda.com

Photography by Federica Fioravanti


Curation Linda Loppa and Massimiliano Giornetti
Course Mentor Massimiliano Giornetti
Concept Laura Tinti
Fragrance Design Olfattorio
Hair and Makeup Santini Academy Hair & Beauty
Location Villa Favard