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The fourth edition of Fashion Displacement will focus on the wavering future of the fashion industry, challenging a panel of top educators, opinion leaders and fashion experts from around the world to debate issues surrounding the vitality of sustainable initiatives and share concrete answers to save our burning planet without compromising creativity and self-expression. 

In the global era, cities have now become the new states. Consequently, Polimoda is Florentine but is currently operating on a worldwide scale. With this Fashion Displacement, we’re taking the first steps towards building a bridge between London and Florence, even more so with the Brexit deadline fast approaching. Our network of alumni, professionals and schools in London is vast and we are pleased to continue nurturing these relationships. As a future-oriented school, talking about the future of fashion means talking about the world. We have to be honest with ourselves and with others about what we want to leave to the next generations.

Danilo Venturi

Fashion must be

This edition of Fashion Displacement will take place on November 12th in London, a city at the forefront of change and evolution. The 2019 chapter of this one-of-a-kind Polimoda event chose a city bursting at the seams with creativity. The panel will be held inside Somerset House, an experimental workspace for artists, makers and thinkers in the beating heart of London, overlooking the River Thames.

FASHION MUST BE is an affirmative debate during which we don’t ask questions, but we start from facts and affirmations based on experience and knowledge. We have to decide what fashion is and must be. We have to be precise in choosing our words, as we cannot debate about the past; we have to take a position in the (fashion) world to start working on a better and more ethical system. We sometimes forget or think fashion must be ‘beautiful’, or ‘dramatic’, or ‘emotional’. These words are easy to write on a screen, but they are not easy to debate. This Fashion Displacement is challenging, as the position in fashion as an educator, a writer, a researcher or a student is based on knowledge and vision, but out of balance by the fastness of the fashion system and the rising problem of climate change. Fashion Displacement needs to be precise, to the point, giving answers and not answering questions. 

Linda Loppa



Already at its fourth edition, Fashion Displacement has touched various locations on the global map. The panel was first launched in 2016 in New York, where it involved leading figures in fashion and job-market experts including the likes of Suzy Menkes, Fabio Piras, Aimee Song, Burak Cakmak and Sara Kozlowski. In 2017, the Florence chapter saw the participation of important figures such as Anja Aronowsky Cronberg, Carlo Capasa, Raffaello Napoleone and Stefan Siegel. In 2018, Berlin had a top list of experts including Christiane Arp, Laudomia Pucci, Branko Popović and Johann König.

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