Born to Win

1 week. 3 competitions. 3 Polimoda winners.

Polimoda People

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Polimoda people just scored a hat-trick, winning three fashion competitions in three different categories over the course of one week. Alumnus Federico Cina and current students Bilge Hakan Gurkaynak and Camilla Conti join a long list of Polimoda champions, demonstrating the power of education in today’s everchanging industry.

I-Skool Denim Talent Award Winner

Polimoda student Bilge Hakan Gurkaynak was a Denim Design Award finalist at the I-Skool Denim Talent Awards in Berlin, winning the Riri award and receiving high commendations for the Best Sustainable Design Award.

“My project is inspired by denim traditional background, especially considering the fact that denim was a fabric produced for a practical #purpose. Over the years, the first workwear models have changed, and I would say that the biggest change I see is from hard-working men to hard-working humans, because I think we all are part of this process. So, I think that new denim codes should encourage not only one type of personality, or one group, but explore deep inside all of us, because we all are kind of hard-workers right now.”


Who Is On Next? 2019 Winner

Polimoda alumnus Federico Cina won the Who Is on Next? 2019 competition promoted by Alta Roma and Vogue Italia.“You’re always push[ed] to be very successful very fast, but I think it’s still the best thing to do things at a very slow pace,” says Federico. “I always [remind myself that] Mr. Armani founded his business when he was 40; so I mean, what are we stressing out about?”

Federico also won the Franca Sozzani Award, giving him the chance to participate in the Pitti Tutoring & Consulting Prize in order to support his brand and enter the global market.


Feel The Yarn: The X Contest Winner

During the 85th edition of Pitti Filati, Polimoda student Camilla Conti won Feel the Yarn‘s The X Contest, competing against 26 other students from 15 schools and 11 countries. “Everyday, humankind lives together with scientific and technological progress, but at the same time, it’s always looking for emotions and sensorial experiences. In the two outfits, I tried to combine these two opposite themes through the use of colors, both bright and dynamic, to highlight the progress, the evolution and the technological changing,” explains Camilla about her winning outfits.


We’re proud of you, Polimoda People!