Best Moments of 2020

Focusing on the good

As Polimoda says goodbye to a challenging year and steps into a new one, we can’t help but look back on the memories we're thankful to have made in 2020. With our eyes and hearts looking forward to a brighter future, we’re sharing the top stories that shaped our unique year. Here’s what we did.

We Welcomed Students Back to Florence

Seven nights before the first day of school, a countdown appeared at sunset on Villa Favard's facade, welcoming our students to Florence and reminding the city we love that Polimoda People are back in town and ready to safely begin the academic year. 

Remember the back to school countdown here

"Our students are at the heart of everything we do. We wanted to acknowledge them by personally welcoming each and every student by name."

We Found Out The Truth About Fashion

"The Truth About Fashion" was a unique, collaborative and educational project designed to create space for student voices. We came together to understand fashion beyond stereotypes and the simplification of the media.

The Truth About Fashion
Discover The Truth About Fashion here

We Shared Inspirational Letters About The Future

To keep spirits high and creativity strong, Polimoda asked its community of fashion industry experts to write about the future during lockdown. 

Read Danilo Venturi's letter to the future here

"Let’s rediscover smells, flavors, colors and the touch that shapes the matter to give life to new creations."-Danilo Venturi

We Curated a List of Virtual Fashion Resources

Polimoda Library staff compiled a list of free online fashion resources for our students. From Vogue Italia's archive to the MET's digital collection, we shared our curated list of virtual libraries, magazines, collections, databases and more.

Check out our virtual fashion resources here 

We Launched Polimoda Coaching: Open Education for Fashion Talents

Polimoda announced the new Coaching program with Linda Loppa, one of the most important figures in international education. We are committed to helping talents with drive and passion reach their goals by providing inspirational mentorship on the journey to success.

Polimoda CoachingRead more here

We Sent an Open Letter to The Student Community

Taking sides against any form of racism, be it of gender, race or religion, subtle or manifest, spotted by the media, or remained unheard.

Read the letter here

We Turned Villa Favard Into a Magic Lantern for (P)review

On the night of September 2nd, Polimoda opened its lungarno gates to welcome guests into an enchanted Villa Favard for an installation of new perspectives and illuminated details curated by Linda Loppa and Massimiliano Giornetti.

Take a look back at the event here 

We Zoomed with Rick Owens

Polimoda Duets, a series of documentary interview videos involving some of the most outstanding cultural figures of our time, featured Paris-based iconoclast Rick Owens, founder and creative director at Rick Owens. 

Watch Rick Owens' Duet here

"A lot of people have great ideas, but to get it executed with the right touch [is what makes the difference]. Just in the way hymns are finished, there are so many decisions and so many elements that can go wrong. The way linings are put in, the way a piece of clothing feels. And then, getting it into the right store at the right time on time at the right price, there are so many variables. It’s magic when all of that comes together and it kind of works. And that’s why it’s so compelling — because it’s magic." -Rick Owens

One of Our Students Designed The First-Ever Polimoda Instagram Filter

Grigorii Liubachev, third-year Undergraduate in Leather Technology student, created and shared the popular Polimask filter following an improvised and moonlit creativity session with his younger sister Varya.

PolimaskRead about how it happened here 

We Visited The Makers of Tomorrow

It's 10am on a Friday. Florence air is buzzing with it's-almost-the-weekend energy and the cherished black Polimoda totes sprinkle through toasty tram carriages heading towards Scandicci, a cozy municipality southwest of Florence situated in the authentic hands of Made in Italy production. 

Design Lab students in Polimoda Design Lab in ScandicciMeet the makers here

"Anyone who has ever felt a little different dreams about this kind of reckless acceptance."

We Launched Best Jobs in The World

Newly developed intensive video lessons were created to engage with anyone who is curious about the fashion industry and wants to find out more.

Watch the series here

"It is a gift we are pleased to give to our 2300 students, a group of young people from 70 different countries, hyper-connected and looking for a real future. Therefore, it is also a gift we give to Florence, allowing our city to give life to a new Renaissance in which familiarity with technology, education and creativity may become the new currency for trade." -Director Danilo Venturi

And Last But Not Least, We Opened Manifattura Tabacchi

The doors of the clock building at Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence opened to Polimoda students.The third Polimoda location spreads over 6700 square meters and four levels, in addition to a basement and a 360° panoramic terrace overlooking Florence. 

Check out Polimoda's third location here