A Multimedia Installation by the graduating students of Polimoda Masters Courses


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On the afternoon of March 17th, the graduating students of MA Collection Design and MA Shoe & Bag Collection Design will present their work in a multimedia installation in Villa Favard, MORPHOLOGY. The garments and accessories will be exhibited amongst a photo series shot at the striking Museo Marino Marini, and the projection of a video filmed in the ex-slaughterhouse, Officina Giovani in Prato.

It’s this collaborative nature that’s the core of the installation, involving the most directional image-makers in Florence with an unconventional collection of spaces, mediums, and voices. The core of creativity in fashion is design, though the voice of a designer extends beyond the clothing into architecture, dance, music and art; facilitated and inspired by collaborative expression with Creative Studio MONOGRID and photographer Guglielmo Profeti.

This is the vision beyond the product; a vision that will inspire the audience, customers, and the industry as a whole. With an innovative consideration of space and value for the process of design, MORPHOLOGY will stimulate transformation; the transformation of fabric into garments, 2D into 3D, churches into museums, and students into designers.

Designers: Pei Hsien Chou, Francesca Eleuterio, Mengxi Hou, Lu Jin,  Ilya Karvat, Ying Lin, Trisha Lalani, Yuhong Ma, Marco Maisto, Nichole Steuart, Jennifer Olmorisi, Jin Zhang, Natalia Arruda Olivo, Miao Han, Jianing Di, Zeisha Aziz Jaffer, Hung Fai Patrick Kong, Nan Shen, Shivani Sharma

Lecturers: Narelle Dore, Andrea Cammarosano
Head of Design Department: Patrick De Muynck

Photo by Guglielmo Profeti, Letizia Francini Naldi