Fashion Styling

Say it with the image
Mentorship by Serge Girardi
A breathtaking program to create the Fashion Stylist. This is a master of the image, who’s able to dictate visuals through understanding the language of today’s aesthetic paradigms and shape the collective imaginary of tomorrow. This is an icon-maker, who works closely with designers, video-makers, photographers and artists.


  • Level: Master
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Cost:28,000
  • Language: English
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Start:30th March 2020
End:28th November 2020


The Master in Fashion Styling offers five in-depth modules: Styling a Collection, Styling a Still-life/Product editorial, Digital Styling, Styling an Editorial and Personal Styling. Each module is composed of dedicated classes and finishes with a project ready to present as a personal portfolio, thereby providing each student with a practical set of skills for the fashion industry.

This intensive specialization includes classes with resident teachers from the industry, international guest lecturers, a field trip to Paris or London, workshops, attendance to Milan/Florence fashion weeks, internship opportunities, as well as the Venice Biennale and the regular use of a professional photography studio.

Lessons take place from April to December and amount to a total of 700 contact hours. There is the possibility of completing the course with an internship in a fashion company, leading to the overall obtainment of 80 credits. English language proficiency and attendance are required. Candidates with work experience or relevant studies in fashion and related fields are eligible and selected after the admission process. 

Upon completion of the Master, students will be automatically given the possibility to partake in the Polimoda Talent program.

Study plan

Styling a Collection
Illustrate the inspiration, research and trends behind a collection; accessorize and package a collection by emphasizing its emotional value; create all the materials needed to present a collection to stakeholders.

Still-life Styling
Acquire the principles of camera settings and photo composition, the use of props, and learn to apply storytelling techniques in order to transform a simple fashion or luxury object into a must-have symbol.

Digital Styling
Create and manage the entire visual contents and look of a website; promote e-commerce websites through maximizing the visual impact; tell a story with differentiating messages across social platforms and blogs.

Editorial Styling
Design a photoshoot and coordinate the image development and selection; conceive and edit promotional images, advertising, advertorial and editorial; organize magazine content relating to the target audience.

Personal Styling
Create and provide consistency for an emerging or established designer’s image; curate a fashion, film, music or art celebrity through the management of their wardrobe and public appearances; create your own persona as a successful stylist.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the master course, students will be able to:

  • Develop mental imagery, inventiveness, aesthetic sensibility, personal taste and visual culture.
  • Identify, research, interpret and develop styling concepts working with composition, taste and style, with relevance to current and future trends.
  • Manage all elements and processes behind the creation of a styled image.
  • Develop a strong personal style to showcase in a wide cross-media portfolio.
  • Work with creative directors, designers, photographers, art directors to produce professional and innovative imagery.

Career opportunities

A career as a Fashion Stylist, whether within a brand, a magazine, in retail or freelance, requires organizational skills, research methodology, a sociological overview and understanding, taste for culture and subculture, with the propensity to perform a personal vision from the lucid dream that fuels creativity.


Serge Girardi
Serge Girardi
Fashion Editor & Creative Consultant

Serge Girardi is a fashion editor and creative consultant. His career began in Paris at COMME des GARÇONS, working as a men's shop manager for 5 years before transitioning to Public Relations within the company. He served as Fashion Editor for Vogue Homme International before becoming Numero Homme Paris' Fashion Director in 2001. During his 17-year tenure at the magazine, he collaborated with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Liz Collins, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Matthias Vriens, Matthew Brookes, Eric Nehr and Nagib Taib. He has also worked as a fashion editor for T Magazine, Under the Influence, Les Echos Week-end and Man of the World and served as a men's fashion consultant for Zegna, Salvatore Ferragamo, Berluti and Fendi.

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