Fashion Business

Fashion System: Design / Production and Business

Course The Pre-College program in Fashion System: Design / Production and Business is the perfect opportunity for high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in fashion. This unique program provides hands-on learning that dives into the most important fields of the fashion industry. During the eleven-day program, students will attend a carefully […]

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International Fashion Business

Course The Master in International Fashion Business in collaboration with the United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network instills the knowledge of social entrepreneurship applied to upcoming markets and consumer innovations and engagements. Optimizing the market where it exists, creating one where it doesn’t and focusing on data and trend analysis to enhance the future.

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Fashion Business

Course The Undergraduate in Fashion Business is a wide and complete statement program, perfectly balancing cultural and practical skills to shape you as a Businessperson. Become a manager or executive who plays within a corporate team or an entrepreneur who achieves success by founding a new company.  These leading figures have the skills to start

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