Guidelines for applying to Master courses – Business

1. Presenting your application

It takes about half an hour to fill out the application and you will need to prepare documents and personal information to add to the form in advance.

We also recommend filling out the application using a computer or tablet but not a smartphone, which may present compatibility problems with the graphic interface and compromise the successful submission of your application.

You will of course need to submit your application before the deadline.

2. What you will be asked


  • Personal details: Name, Surname, Email, Sex, Date of birth, Town of birth, State or Province of birth, Country of birth, Nationality, Social security number (SSN), ID Card or Passport (max size: 10MB, Formats: jpeg, jpg, png, pdf)
  • Residence: Address, Postcode, City, State or Province, Country
  • Address in Italy: Address, Postcode, City
  • Contact details: Mobile number, landline number, Skype


  • Application: Course, Year, Month
  • Academic qualifications: Completed qualifications, Year, Pending qualifications, Institute, City
  • NON UE students: Embassy
  • Application via third parties: Agency, City, Partner school, City, Commercial intermediary, City
  • Language expertise: level of English
  • CV: upload your CV including your presentation letter (max. size: 10MB, Formats: jpeg, jpg, png, pdf)
  • Essay: Write and upload an essay describing with words and visuals 5 inspirations related to the fashion industry (designers, artists, etc…) (max. size: 10MB, Formats: pdf, doc, docx)


  • In your own words, describe the world of fashion today and how it is changing.
  • Choose an advertising campaign and upload the main image (max. size: 10MB, formats: pdf, doc, docx)
  • Describe the advertising campaign you chose, including the logo and photograph
  • Choose a recent collection by a well-known designer, naming it and describing it
  • What does fashion mean for you?
  • What are your ambitions and projects for the future?
  • Why did you choose this course?
  • Why did you decide to enroll at Polimoda?

3. Application submission confirmation

When your application has been submitted successfully we will send you a confirmation email; this means your application has been received by the Information and Orientation Office.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email within an hour, check your spam.

4. Do you need help completing your application?

If you have any other questions on the application process fill out the information request form on the page of your chosen course.

N.B. Applicants are responsible for procuring all required application documents. Polimoda cannot carry out this task on behalf of users. This also applies to any translations that may be required of the documents presented.