Polimoda Wall - Textile Day | Ph. Letizia Francini Naldi

New exclusive Master starting in April 2015

Supposedly ‘timeless’ - yet today even luxury is not immune to trends. Supposedly immaterial and service-based - instead luxury can also be conceptual and dynamic. As monopoly of big cartels, luxury is probably the only sector where it is still possible to start up new ventures, when having the right intuition.

The Polimoda Master in Luxury Business is open to candidates with industry experience, wishing to upgrade and enhance their knowledge and skills, as well as those who, coming from closely related industries, wishing to enter Luxury at the highest level. This intensive program is structured around nine main concepts each following on from one another: craftsmanship, quality, price, prestige, lifestyle, design, brand, authenticity and uniqueness.

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Master Fashion Trend Forecasting, ph. Ruggero Lupo Mangoni
Polimoda Fashion Trend Forescasting

Fashion is a complex business requiring cultural and creative skills on one side, economical and managerial on the other, each go hand in hand.

The Polimoda Business of Fashion 4 year program provides in-depth knowledge in four crucial areas: Business, Marketing and Management, Communication, Creativity and Culture. Business of Fashion creates the complete figure, an expert in fashion, someone ready to work within all areas of this wonderful industry.  At the end of the program students will have gained the knowledge and preparation they need to become a great manager of creativity.

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New Polimoda Summer Workshops

Be trained to Fashion Know-How

Polimoda offers 4 new short programs that focus on handwork, tailoring, and craft. During these dedicated practical workshops you will have the opportunity to study the fashion production processes of handmade garments or accessories. You will be provided with a kit with all the necessary materials you need to be able to create your own complete garment or accessory, as well use of our fully equipped working laboratories at your disposal, all included in the program fee.

Master artisans together with their assistants will demonstrate and help you in making and creating your own tailored jacket or knitwear piece, a pair of handmade shoes or bags. The short 40 hour programs, with extra supervised practical laboratory hours, are run over two weeks.

Discover the 4 new short programs here:
Craft A Bag
Craft A Shoe
Tailor A Jacket
Tailor Knitwear

Bradley Quinn | Ph. Letizia Francini Naldi
Textile Installation thanks to Sandro Ciardi with the support of Gruppo Emmetex S.P.A. | Ph. Letizia Francini Naldi
Polimoda / Textile Day
PolimodaTalent Breno Cintra Pugliesi | Ph. Letizia Francini Naldi
Textile Installation thanks to Sandro Ciardi with the support of Gruppo Emmetex S.P.A. | Ph. Letizia Francini Naldi
Polimoda Wall / Bradley Quinn | Ph. Letizia Francini Naldi

Private Classes
Polimoda private classes represent an ideal solution for both students and professionals in need of a customized course.

Seminars for institute
Throughout the academic year, Polimoda hosts short seminars or specialized workshops attended by fashion, design and marketing institutes from all over the world

Polimoda Business Links 2014

20 - 21 March 2014
Villa Favard
Polimoda invites Companies to POLIMODA BUSINESS LINKS, an event designed to foster the encounter between companies and young talents approaching the world of employment.
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Polimoda Guest Lecture

At Villa Favard, a series of seminars with illustrious guests and experts for a direct evidence from the Fashion System.
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POLIMODA/MAG - Discover the Polimoda Magazine - www.polimodamag.com

Summer at Polimoda offers a pared-down selection of our most popular courses, from the classics to the most innovative new subjects.

It is not necessary to take an entrance exam, you will need to send your CV so that we can be sure of the participants’ level of qualifications and motivation. What are you waiting for? Book your Polimoda Summer Course!

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