Fashion Styling

Design to Designers, Style to Stylists

If your aesthetic sensibility is already developed and you love the idea of working closely with designers and celebrities for fashion shows, magazine editorials and e-commerce destinations, you might just be a Fashion Stylist.


  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Cost:18,000 per year
  • Language: English
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Start:September 27th 2021
End:June 18th 2022


Fashion Styling is a creative program in which mental imagery, inventiveness, aesthetic sensibility and culture are perfected to converge and shape a fashion image and visual professional. A Fashion Stylist works for fashion houses, online and print magazines, media, bloggers, advertising agencies, fashion retailers and E-commerce platforms. 

This program is for those who wish to fulfill an important visionary role.

The Undergraduate in Fashion Styling offers vertical progress, from learning the basic skills required by the market to more practical tasks such as curating a fashion movie and providing consistency and appeal for a designer’s image. Horizontal progress is guaranteed with two projects per year, to be included in a personal portfolio.

Classes are held by teachers from the industry with hands-on and original teaching materials. Fashion Styling students have access to monthly guest lectures from experts and visionaries, an immense fashion library and the computer labs. Field trips to companies, fashion shows and trade fairs in Italy and Europe, as well as applied projects with companies, will take place throughout the three-year program.

Candidates with a secondary school (high school) diploma or equivalent are eligible and selected after the admission process. English language proficiency is required. Lessons take place from October to June, and amount to a total of 600 contact hours. The course is completed with an internship in a fashion company at the end of the third year. Each academic year is worth 60 credits.

Learning modules

  • Fashion Iconography
  • Fashion Styling
  • Fashion Magazine & E-Commerce
  • Self-Development

Career opportunities

Combined with a natural flair for fashion, sociological understanding and good organizational skills, Fashion Styling graduates qualify to work for fashion brands, fashion magazines, creative boutiques, shopping centers, retail stores, event management companies, modeling agencies, advertising agencies and celebrities, igniting new aesthetics and shaping a clear vision.

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