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Fashion Merchandising & Buying is an operative program that aims to prepare a passionate professional in the elusive art of buying and selling. This is someone who knows what customers want, even before they do, and is equipped with an accurate knowledge of fashion trends, total awareness of current industry developments and superior forecasting ability.

This course integrates two teaching areas, Fashion Panorama (trends, brands, trade fairs and calendars, fashion shows, online and offline shops and e-commerce) and Operative Tools (merchandising and buying techniques, retail management, fashion marketing, visual merchandising, operations, fashion styling, advertising and marketing strategy), which both draw focus to different categories, from apparel to accessories.

Taught by teachers from the industry and including international guest lecturers, Fashion Merchandising & Buying features two main projects: the first focuses on a re-merchandising plan while the second on a buying plan for a multi-brand store. The final result of each assignment can be included and presented in a personal portfolio. The course is completed by field trips to first-tier production sites and cutting-edge points of sale.

Lessons take place from January to September or June to March and amount to a total of 700 contact hours. Thereafter, there is the possibility of completing the course with an internship in a fashion company, leading to the overall obtainment of 80 credits. English language proficiency and attendance are required. Candidates will be selected after an enrolment questionnaire and an interview with the leading teacher of the course.

Upon completion of the Master students will be automatically given the possibility to partake in the Polimoda Talent program.

Study Plan

The two areas, Fashion Panorama and Operative Tools, are broken down into the following modules:

Contemporary Fashion, Fashion Trend Forecasting, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Buying Techniques, Fashion Law & Trademarks, Consumer Behavior and Customer Relationship Management, Business & Retail Management, Fashion Styling, Visual Merchandising, Photoshopping, Product Development, Omnichannel Marketing and Advertising, E-Commerce, and Fashion Operations.

Fashion Merchandising & Buying also features seminars and workshops to underline the milestones of the product life-cycle: producing, showing, buying, delivering, exposing and selling.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the master course, students will be able to:

  • Achieve a complete understanding of current industry developments and gain a superior forecasting ability.
  • Manage all operative tools related to merchandising and buying techniques.
  • Review competitor analyses and benchmarking to identify business opportunities.
  • Manage all stages of a purchase order, making negotiations on commercial terms and developing a seasonal sales strategy.
  • Supervise photo shoots for advertising campaigns, promotions, showrooms, e-commerces and the catwalk.

Career Opportunities

A career as Merchandiser or Buyer can develop from intermediate steps and roles in E-commerce, Multi-brand and Fashion Brand environments to then evolve and grow into Retail Manager. Depending on past experience and academic achievement during the course, employment placement can include contracting firms, brands, buying offices and major retailers.

Double Master

In unison with Product Management, this Master is also part of our Double Master programs in the area of Amplification.