Fashion Curation

Fashion Exhibitions

Course The Fashion Exhibitions Online Course is designed to foster essential skills required to comprehend the intricacies involved in curating a fashion exhibition. This course lays a robust foundation for those seeking to grasp an overview of the historical and current landscape, and stimulate innovative ideas in the realm of fashion exhibitions. The central objective […]

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Fashion History

Course The Fashion History Online Course provides a comprehensive examination of fashion’s progression, its reciprocal influence with diverse cultures and societies, and its role as a mirror reflecting social and cultural phenomena. This introductory course will guide students through the key milestones and trends marking the evolution of fashion, shedding light on the social and

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Sociology of the Imaginary

Course The Sociology of the Imaginary Online Course aims to inspire students to explore the concept of fashion and identity as pivotal cultural and societal phenomena. This course pivots on analyzing the values defining human nature within a social framework. The core objective of this course lies in deciphering the critical commonalities in human behavior

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