Rendez-Vous with Zaim Kamal

On Monday, February 25th, Creative Director of Montblanc Zaim Kamal takes the Rendez-Vous stage to address the meeting point between the everyday and lux, probing how the relationship between an individual and a chosen product use can create luxury from the mundane.

Now a figurehead of the German Maison’s four categories – writing instruments, leather goods, watches and accessories – Kamal got his start in the realm of fashion design after graduating from Central Saint Martins in 1991. Working with a wide range of fashion houses, his career trajectory gradually evolved from design to creative direction, ultimately leading to his current position at Montblanc International, part of the Richemont group, in 2013.

Today’s men’s accessories sector, in which Montblanc holds a leading international role, requires scoping out future consumer tastes far earlier than the traditional fashion house. Working on collections years in advance, Kamal’s role has refined his never-ending forecasting capacities, finding the balance between heritage and innovation and leading the 113-year-old brand to newfound relevance among the most modern of audiences.

In rediscovering and promoting the beauty of craftsmanship, the ordinary is transformed into extraordinary user experiences. On the occasion of his Polimoda Rendez-Vous, the creative thinker will draw on his years leading a global brand to unveil how product experience is key to finding exclusivity in an everyday item.

Best moments of the Rendez-Vous