Rendez-Vous with Sara Kozlowski

Previously featured in our New York chapter of Fashion Displacement, American fashion design strategist and CFDA Director of Education + Professional Development Sara Kozlowski will come to Polimoda on October 9th to give a special guest lecture within the framework of Polimoda’s Rendez-vous series.

With over two decades of experience in the industry under her belt, after working for bohemian innovator Anna Sui and 6 years at the helm of her own label Cake, Kozlowski has devoted her career to improving and innovating the fashion education system with an eye to creative diversity, sustainability and authenticity. Collaborating with leading institutions in the field such as The Parsons Design Lab, the CFDA Scholarship program and San Francisco’s Academy of Art University, Kozlowski has reinvented herself as an advocate for academic quality, providing strategic management of established programs and development of new, future, program architectures. Her holistic teaching ethos is founded on the belief that design often stems from the body itself, result of a continuous dialogue between maker and wearer.

On the occasion of her lecture, Kozlowski will be offering Polimoda students and professors an in-depth analysis of Creative Darwinism, the paradox of innovation and why the unknown is fashion’s strategic imperative.

From collaboration to co-creation, the road to change contains not one journey but the steps of many, sometimes choreographed, often improvised, with unmarked terrain. With a climate of ambiguity, and roadblocks among few of certainties, charting future fashion systems requires resiliency and a tolerance for the unknown from its pioneers.

Sara Kozlowski

Panning through individual and collective experiences on the value of failure and success, Koslowski will underline how fashion must embrace its own ambiguity as a prototype of culture, society, and human behavior. When it comes to forwarding the realm of creativity, innovation, authenticity, vision, and transformation are the only antidote to obsolescence.

Best moments of the Rendez-Vous