Rendez-Vous with Margherita Maccapani Missoni

On Thursday, March 28th, Polimoda welcomes M Missoni’s newly appointed Creative Director, Margherita Maccapani Missoni, for a thoughtful dialogue on the young creative’s contemporary revolution, touching on the early stages of her new leadership and the world-famous brand’s return to family hands.

Born in 1983, Margherita Missoni is the eldest daughter of Angela Missoni, first granddaughter of the company’s legendary founders Rosita and Ottavio. With a knack of mixing eras and unique styles in her looks, the young fashion expert has earned her place as an international fashion icon, adhering to a singular, creative aesthetic that lies at the base of her vision for the brand’s diffusion line. After working for several years in other segments of the fashion industry, fostering collaborations and launching her own label Margherita Kids, the third-generation Missoni has returned to the business in the role of Creative Director, preparing to show her first collection for M Missoni SS 2020 this coming September.

Though new to the management ranks, Missoni has been a spokesperson and iconic advocate for the name since her youth, working as a brand ambassador while studying philosophy at the University of Milan and later at Columbia University in New York. Committed to the role since 2000, she attended global events, channeled her own image to promote new projects and products (such as Estée Lauder perfumes and a collaboration with Target), and considerably contributed to the brand’s creative redesign. After returning to Italy to be involved at a new level in the family Maison, Missoni worked within the design team and managed the development of its fashion accessories, including shoes, bags, eyewear, jewelry, and beachwear starting with the AW 2010 collection.

In her recently announced role, the fashion visionary will continue to serve as ambassador, merging her expertise and creativity to usher a new era for M Missoni. To this end, the young mogul is committed to bringing an informal and independent concept of elegance – one that she herself perfectly embodies – while remaining true to the label’s Italian heritage: “I will have the opportunity to develop new paradigms and set a new direction,” she explains, “[while] holding onto Missoni’s values and aesthetics that have always been a part of my DNA.”

This singular Rendez-Vous anticipates the launch of her first-ever collection in this new role, offering audiences a chance to preview the philosophy, strategy, concept and communication tactics behind her developing take on the label. Titled From Margherita to M Missoni, this lecture will delve into the guest’s personal history, uncovering the evolution of the iconic fashion figure from ambassador to the newest member of its leadership.

Best moments of the Rendez-Vous