Rendez-Vous with David Fischer

On October 30th the founder and publisher of Highsnobiety, David Fischer, will cross Polimoda’s threshold to partake in the Rendez-Vous Series and share his 12-year experience at the helm of one of today’s most popular websites.

With around 500 million social media impressions, and nine million unique visitors a month, the world-renowned lifestyle publication offers insight on a range of trending topics, from music to the the arts, fashion and culture.

Fischer founded Highsnobiety in 2005 as a side hustle while studying business administration at the University of Zurich, in his native Switzerland. This was to be his first step towards conquering the web, followed by curated shopping platform What Drops Now in 2014 and creative production agency Highsnobiety Plus in 2016, all of which fall under the group Titel Media.

Since 2009 Fischer operates his business in Berlin, Germany, and has ambitiously straddled all facets of the digital revolution, setting trends and exploring the uncharted potential of emerging online strategies and branded content. In this respect, Highsnobiety boasts collaborations with footwear and streetwear brands like Adidas, Carhartt, Puma and Kith’s Ronnie Fieg , Anicorn, as well as artists and lifestyle companies like bike maker Aventon.

The sneaker enthusiast and digital media wunderkind will be tackling the often undertheorized topic of fostering affective-laden consumer relations in his lecture The Importance of Community and Brand Tribalism When Building A Brand in 2017.

Best moments of the Rendez-Vous