Rendez-Vous with Branko Popovic

On Wednesday, December 12th, the Polimoda Rendez-Vous series hosted a guest lecture by fashion designer and artist Branko Popovic, co- founder and Director of the FASHIONCLASH foundation.

Born in former Yugoslavia and based in the Netherlands since 1995, Popovic paved his persona on a myriad of disciplines, sparking his endeavors with a degree in fashion design before wearing the hats of costume and theater production designer, artist, writer, lecturer and coach. Staying true to his design roots, Popovic runs the BRANKOPOPOVICBLOG, covering the arts, culture and lifestyle as well as emerging talents. Moreover, he occasionally reports for a number of magazines, including The Kinsky,, Platinum Love, KALTBLUT Magazine, Wallpaper, among others.

In 2009, together with Laurens Hamacher and Nawie Kuiper, Popovic founded FASHIONCLASH, an innovative and interdisciplinary fashion platform serving as a global network for emerging designers and artists. Based in Maastricht, the initiative discovers, stimulates and contributes to shaping current developments in fashion, ultimately unlocking them for a wider audience.

FASHIONCLASH is widely known for its namesake festival, which connects the dots between all fashion sectors to give undiscovered talent visibility. Alongside the festival, the foundation develops and organizes various crossover and social design projects, masterclasses and workshops, working with diverse cultural institutions, musicians, filmmakers, photographers and more to urge the development of new talents and rethinking of the industry.

Within the artistic context FASHION MAKES SENSE, Popovic’s Rendez-Vous dug into how FASHIONCLASH stimulates fashion audiences to consider the state of industry: “What is the importance and role of fashion in our society, and how can fashion contribute to a better world and well-being?”

Does fashion makes sense? I don’t have all the answers. Simply put, it’s important that we speak with each other, that you are aware of what you’re doing. So, you can make it make sense. And that’s a beautiful thing. Even if it’s one person that you touch, then it’s something worth doing. Are you willing to make this kind of a difference?

Branko Popovic

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