Rendez-Vous with Andrew Wilson

On February 9th at 11am, award-winning journalist and writer Andrew Wilson will be holding a Rendez-Vous guest lecture on what he believes to be the secret of McQueen’s long-standing success story; which he covered extensively in his 2015 biography Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath the Skin.

Eight years have passed since visionary fashion designer Alexander McQueen took his own life, enveloping the world in a state of shock that has yet to subside. But what is the real backstory to McQueen’s shoot to fame and tragic epilogue?

Rising from humble beginnings as the youngest child of an East London taxi driver and a young Savile Row apprentice, McQueen affirmed himself as British fashion’s wild child and one of the century’s most trailblazing designers. Renowned for his provocative and quixotic runway shows, his work combined exquisite tailoring with a dramatic, surreal aesthetic that mirrored his self-defined “romantic schizophrenic” personality. In business, he worked as creative director for Givenchy and created a multi-million pound luxury brand that became a favorite with both celebrities, such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, and royalty; most famously the Duchess of Cambridge who wore a McQueen dress on her wedding day.

Polimoda’s intent is to celebrate and commemorate Alexander McQueen’s outstanding legacy and inquisitive nature with a lecture able to inspire, arouse questions and show the lesser-known facets of this extraordinary example of talent and creativity.

Dress code: Angels & Demons

Wear your personal tribute to McQueen’s last, posthumous, otherworldly A/W 2010 collection!

Book signing

At the end of the lecture, Mr Wilson will be available in the Polimoda library for an exclusive book signing: we invite you to bring your copy of Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath the Skin if you want to have it signed by the author.

Book exhibition

On the same day, the Villa will also be hosting an exhibition of books on and about McQueen’s life and oeuvre.