Polimoda presents the new creative hub for fashion research


Polimoda presents the new creative hub for fashion research

Polimoda announces the creation of a new concept fashion archive, a dynamic research center open to the city and geared to incentivising the development of Fashion Studies.

Polimoda presents the AN/ARCHIVE project, a new physical and digital environment dedicated to development and research in the area of Fashion Studies and a dynamic platform for all innovators in the fashion sector.

A space open to the city, designed to welcome researchers, curators, archivists, students, designers and businesses interested in studying fashion. Not a museum but a new concept fashion archive: a vibrant, dynamic and accessible place for research, but also a venue for encounters and events. A workshop in constant evolution based on the curatorship of iconic garments by great designers, encouraging contact between the various creative players in the fashion system using a universal idiom and an analytical approach to fashion.

AN/ARCHIVE will be created in Florence in the Manifattura Tabacchi complex – already home to Polimoda’s school – which embodies one of the project’s main characteristics: the need to use spaces in a contemporary, accessible way, with the aim of supporting a new generation of creatives and of fostering innovation in fashion

Polimoda Anarchive press conference
Anarchive press conference at Villa Favard, ph. Marco Gualtieri
Florence has always been a city with strong ties to fashion and the arts, a true cultural hub for the sector. This is where Italian fashion originated and where it continues to play a leading role with Pitti Immagine. So it’s only natural that there should be synergy between Florence and AN/ARCHIVE, a project designed to promote fashion’s historical and cultural heritage, with a strong focus on its evolution over time. It’s a project that will ensure the city continues to be a point of reference for fashion education and research.
Ferruccio Ferragamo

Indeed, AN/ARCHIVE is designed as an innovative space that will host exhibitions, workshops, conferences and debates on some of the most relevant issues for today’s fashion industry, so stimulating reflection on the future of the sector and helping a new generation of researchers to emerge.

Polimoda management
Ferruccio Ferragamo, Linda Loppa and Massimiliano Giornetti, ph. Matteo Oltrabella
The world of fashion is constantly evolving and AN/ARCHIVE provides an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to experience it with an innovative approach,” stressed the school’s director Massimiliano Giornetti. “Looking at the past gives us the inspiration to build a new future that addresses the challenges of our own era. Our project has four functions: archiving, research, training and presentation. Thanks to AN/ARCHIVE, Polimoda will be creating a physical and virtual place in which to access a unique cultural heritage, a treasure we can draw on to build an increasingly sustainable and innovative future.
Massimiliano Giornetti

AN/ARCHIVE will be a collective platform for dialogue and curatorship, accommodating a range of activities. For example, the development of a digital fashion archive, research into new fabrics and technologies, artistic curatorship of garments, collections or archive material, fashion writing and criticism, and the study of fashion history, with a sharp eye on the future of creativity, current trends and anthropological research.

AN/ARCHIVE will also house one of the largest fashion libraries in Europe, with an international collection of over 25,000 volumes, in addition to rare, antique and precious materials, a periodicals library with over 600 titles (from the 19th century to the present), lookbooks, commercial catalogues and multimedia content. Lastly, its digital library will offer access to electronic resources dedicated to the fashion and business sectors.

Polimoda Anarchive press conference
ANARCHIVE press conference at Villa Favard, ph. Marco Gualtieri
Fashion isn’t only business but a universe of creative potential expanding way beyond the confines of its own world. AN/ARCHIVE will be challenging the usual assumptions in fashion by creating a research center that connects to other disciplines, such as art, science, design, music, photography and cinema. This ambitious project intends to create a universal common language to overcome cultural and geographical barriers and incubate new forms of artistic expression. AN/ARCHIVE is therefore inviting us to rethink fashion, look beyond appearances and discover all its creative potential."
Linda Loppa
Advisor Strategy and Vision

The project will be curated by Polimoda and supported by the school’s resources, European funding, grants, sponsors, and public and private partnerships interested in training and research.