7,689 km – from Kabul to Berlin

Polimoda students x No Nation Fashion capsule collection

7,689 km – from Kabul to Berlin

Polimoda students x No Nation Fashion capsule collection

Polimoda students x No Nation Fashion, powered by IOM – UN Migration Agency, present a capsule celebrating cultural affiliations and inclusion in fashion.

Polimoda students have joined forces with No Nation Fashion (NNF), powered by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) – UN Migration Agency. Together, they have curated a captivating capsule collection that celebrates cultural affiliations and embrace inclusivity within fashion.

Designed by the talented minds of the Undegraduate in Fashion Design students Irène Latoudis, Zixi Pan, Luca Polonio, and Xiaofan Tian, and produced in collaboration with migrants from temporary reception centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this collection encapsulates the harmonious convergence of diverse cultural backgrounds.

A project that, through fashion, embodies the aspirations and dreams of those who have courageously embarked on a journey far from their homes in search of a new beginning.

7,689 km, the number of kilometers walked by migrants from Kabul via Bosnia and Herzegovina to Berlin, a symbol of a journey to hope and better life

Fashion can serve as a powerful medium for self-expression, allowing individuals to communicate their identities, aspirations and cultural affiliations.

Through this lens, No Nation Fashion (NNF) brand, powered by IOM, recognizes the transformative potential of fashion as a universal language of art and innovation. It envisions fashion as a bridge that transcends borders, connecting people from diverse backgrounds and experiences and creating opportunities for both migrants and host communities.

By harnessing the creative potential of fashion, NNF endeavors to construct more inclusive societies and celebrate diversity.

The capsule collection will be featured during the days of Pitti Uomo fair at the Sala delle Nazioni in Fortezza da Basso, Florence.

No Nation Fashion

No Nation Fashion (NNF) is a brand born in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) from the collaboration and creativity of migrants and local designers and powered by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

NNF’s mission is to create clothing items that celebrate the meeting of cultures and harness the potential of migration. NNF ateliers hosted in Temporary Reception Centres (TRCs) offer migrants a safe space to express their creativity and learn new skills, but also opportunities for exchanges with local and international artists and host communities.


Undergraduate in Fashion Design

Irène Latoudis
Zixi Pan
Luca Polonio
Xiaofan Tian