The Exhibition Series | The Best Knitwear Designed by our Master Makers

Student Designers Display Their Elegant Knitwear Garments

Master in Knitwear Design students showcase the magnificent knitwear garments they designed during their intensive 9-month program, filling the spaces of Villa Favard with their detailed creations. 

Created in Polimoda’s adored Manifattura Tabacchi Knitwear Lab, nine designers shared the vibrant prototypes they carefully worked on for months, presenting 27 looks in an exhibition on Villa Favard's ground floor.

With over 75 000 square feet of available laboratory space to grow their creativity and play with new ideas, knitwear students created prototypes with the modern equipment available to them at Polimoda's third and largest campus. From using the photography laboratory to shoot original looks with the garments they designed to spending time in the computer labs to work on their projects, our young talents spent most of their days improving their skills and learning everything they could about knitwear design.

Throughout the program, Master in Knitwear Design students collaborated with Missoni, a maison that just recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and is one of the best Made in Italy knitwear brands. 


Daria Agarkova (Russia)
Brittney Austin (USA)
Jiayao Chen (China)
Joya Halper Shay (Israel)
Vera Kuznetsova (Russia)
Edna Consuelo Lizarazo Manrique (Columbia)
Marie Vilanova (USA)
Lucy Catherine Walker-Cox (UK)
Chen Xienan (China)

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Photography by Serena Gallorini