Rendez-Vous with Anne Timermann

New Narratives of Visual Language

Guest lectures

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Anne and Eugene Timerman are designers at New York-based studio TM/R. Working with Issey Miyake, NVIDIA, and H&M, they attempt to connect brands with products and the environment, focusing on form-making and the exploration of visual languages.

Anne Timerman has previously worked with Peter Marino in the development of architectural concepts for Dior, Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Zegna, Hublot and Chanel, at the moment when flagship stores became larger, more spectacular, and the key space for setting and promoting new aesthetic directions for brands. Anne specifically developed the facades of Louis Vuitton stores in London and Munich, the infinity staircase at Tokyo Ginza Matsuya, and the Hublot 5th Avenue facade. During her ten years at Peter Marino, she created product display prototypes that have been successfully reproduced across numerous locations.

This guest lecture will focus on how to understand and communicate the uniqueness of a brand today, through the examples of Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Chanel, as well as a detailed walk-through the design process of Issey Miyake’s new store concept. In the fashion industry especially, products, environments and communications have to be continuously re-created, in ways that are both new yet easily recognizable. Boundaries between real and interactive brand environments give way to multi-dimensional, integrated experiences. Traditional prescriptive branding no longer works; instead we need to define the framework, the structure, and leave room for the unexpected to happen.

The unique methodology of TM/R is called ‘systematic form exploration’. They start with in-depth research of a brand, including the key collections, products and narratives, and then set up a unifying structure, with key forms, patterns and tools. TM/R works with a proprietary script, ‘the universal compositional machine’ software that uses mathematical algorithms to generate a variety of new forms out of ready-made elements. Beyond the scope of fashion brands, TM/R Design that was founded in 2007 by Eugene Timerman and has created the brand identity for Virgin America Airlines, branding and packaging for Althaus tea, publication designs for Phaidon Press, posters for SFMOMA, AIGA, Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, and Oakland Museum of California.