PolimodaPeople #11

From big breaks to rebel takes

Polimoda People

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Welcome to our monthly foray into the lives and work of our #PolimodaPeople. Here you will find leads, inspirational interviews, award-winning projects, generated press and everything you need to know about our students and alumni’s achievements.

Guilty Pleasures

Pixelated gowns, piercing-adorned pleats and contradiction-ridden elegance: Francesco Risso’s Fall 2019 presentation fervently turned pleasure into garb. The creative director’s erotic vision for Marni explored the freedom of the mind, channeling his wild creativity to reflect the feelings of our time. Since taking up post in 2016, the alumna’s zeal has marked “the new era at Marni,” writes The Guardian, peaking interest in the fashion visionary’s boat-origins, Prada past and take on sustainability.

Francesco Risso - Marni, backstage
Read the full profile on theguardian.com

Intentional Emptiness

Beloved minimalist duo Luke and Lucie Meier first joined hearts and visions in Polimoda’s halls. Since then, as Jil Sander’s joint creative directors, the kinetic pair have effortlessly ushered the brand into the future, bringing their geometric silhouettes and deep sense for quietude to the heart of its creations. Mesmerized by their clarity and precision, Vogue UK joined the husband and wife backstage for a AW19 preview, exploring the couple through their latest collection: a sculptural, jacquard-heavy and Japan-inspired quasi-ode to empty space.

Catch a sneak peak on vogue.uk

Runway Resistance

Since designing Young Thug’s dress worn on his iconic JEFFERY cover, Alessandro Trincone’s gender-bending collections have caught wind for openly refusing canons of toxic masculinity. Now, his FW 2019 collection, praises Refinery29, has given the young designer’s oeuvre a new meaning: beyond queer, the billowing lilac plumes and faux fur pastels signaled the enduring power of his garb, proving that fashion is not only a mirror of society, but also a subtle uprising against it.

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Forty Years, Forty Voices

Four decades after the first LGBT + Pride March, La Tempestad has launched 40 Anos, 40 Voces, a series of profiles conceived as a mosaic narrating the diversity of Mexico’s sexual creativity. Iconoclast and design alumna Barbara Sanchez-Kane – to no surprise – was chosen as part of the emblematic mix: “[fashion] is like a melting pot between what happens to me and what is happening politically in Mexico,” she recounts, shedding light on queer culture, repression and the development of her revolutionary work.

Probe her mind on latempestad.com

Cut for global runways

A powerhouse representing the pinnacle of Turkish design, Ece Kavran was among the much-admired designers at the latest NYFW, parading a black-and-white batch of structural pieces vaunting cake-like silhouettes and eye-popping cutouts. Now a regular of the international runway, Ece’s autobiographical collection turned heads for its architectural and theatrical minimalism, securing the Fashion Brand Management alumna’s label URUN as a top contender in the global fashion landscape.

Browse the collection on ntv.com


A close-cut selection of flash updates.

  • Fashion Design star Federico Cina is one of three designers chosen to craft a capsule collection for Never tee Stop, presenting a black jersey hoodie to personify his risk-taking vision;
  • Heralding in the next generation, Collection Design alumna and fashion designer Beatrice Mason joins her family-owned company Plissè amidst global expansion;
  • Danae Grimopoulou, Fashion Design alumnus and co-founder of Be Grims, opened up to Paramano about his socially conscious brand philosophy and creative influence;
  • A shining example of female entrepreneurship, Fashion Business and Merchandising alumna Nidhi Yadav was applauded by Marketing Mind for taking her brand AKS Clothings to million-dollar heights.