Polimoda Duets: Tim Blanks

Life is not a dress rehearsal

Curated by Polimoda, the newest episode of Polimoda Duets, a series of documentary interview videos involving some of the most outstanding cultural figures of our time, features The Business of Fashion's editor-at-large Tim Blanks.

The latest edition of Polimoda Duets, conducted by editor and creative director at StyleZeitgeist Magazine Eugene Rabkin, features a thought-provoking interview with The Business of Fashion's editor-at-large Tim Blanks. 

In a Zoom call from his home in the United Kingdom, Blanks reflects on criticism, music, the biggest changes in the industry, accessibility and inclusivity. 

"The thing that’s interesting about fashion criticism, the thing that makes it slightly different from other forms of criticism, is that I will read a movie review to decide whether I want to see the movie. I will read a record review to decide whether I want to, once buy, now stream the album, a book review to see whether the book sounds like something I want to invest my time in reading, but I would not read a fashion review," shares Blanks. "I can’t imagine reading a fashion review to decide whether I’m actually going to go out and buy the clothes. There’s something about fashion writing that feels like entertainment writing."

From working as the host of Canada's Fashion File for 17 years to writing for some of the most influential publications such as Vogue, GQ, The Financial Times, Interview, Fantastic Man and Arena Homme Plus, The Business of Fashion's Tim Blanks is one of the best things to happen to fashion journalism.

"I know I’ve been mean sometimes, but whatever they’re doing, I can’t do." Watch the latest Polimoda Duets and discover Blanks' wise thoughts on fashion.

Tim Blanks | Polimoda Duets #9