Polimoda Duets: Mobolaji Dawodu

Keeping it fresh

Curated by Polimoda, the newest episode of Polimoda Duets, a series of documentary interview videos involving some of the most outstanding cultural figures of our time, features GQ and GQ Style Fashion Director Mobolaji Dawodu in conversation with Teen Vogue Culture and Entertainment Director Danielle Kwateng-Clark. 

As with all collaborations, the fashion institute opens its doors to art, music, cinema and modern culture, broadening its collaboration with key industry figures in a new exclusive video format. In each episode, a global cultural legend divulges their take on the modern world with a renowned interlocutor, ranging from top-notch journalists to scholars and experts in the field. The sixth edition, conducted by Teen Vogue's Culture and Entertainment Director Danielle Kwateng-Clark, features an authentic interview with GQ and GQ Style Fashion Director Mobolaji Dawodu.

Dawodu grew up between Nigeria's warmth and the American dream. Before taking on his current position at GQ, Dawodu worked as FADER's Editor-at-large for 12 years, visiting over 30 countries and directing shoots in dreamy places such as Trinidad, Senegal, India and Russia. Mobolaji has styled some of the world's most notable figures, including Brad Pitt, Pharrell Williams, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Jennifer Lopez, Robert Downey Jr., Jared Leto, Michael B. Jordan and many others.

"Life is like a race, I think work is like a race. I think you have to train yourself, and part of training yourself in the creative field is going out and seeing what you like. I think you have to explore the world," explains Dawodu.

Mobolaji believes in honesty, human interaction and bringing his international perspective to the surface. With this exclusive collaboration, Polimoda is keeping in-depth dialogues with icons of the global cultural landscape at the center of our educational universe, reminding the public that the school's industry connections are paramount to achieving success in fashion.

Mobolaji Dawodu | Polimoda Duets #6


Idea: Danilo Venturi
Interview: Danielle Kwateng-Clark
Video: Piero Fragola & Elephant Studio