Polimoda Duets: John Rankin

Decoding imagery

Curated by Polimoda, the newest episode of Polimoda Duets, a series of documentary interview videos involving some of the most outstanding cultural figures of our time, features visual artist John Rankin.

The fifth edition of Polimoda Duets, conducted virtually by CEO of Exposure ltd Raoul Shah, features an eye-opening interview with photographer and filmmaker John Rankin. Not only has he shot covers for Vogue, GQ and Rolling Stone, but during his over 30 years of photography, the co-founder of Dazed + Confused has taken pictures of Heidi Klum, Gigi Hadid, Kate Moss and even the Queen of England.

"I'm always looking for a story and for a moment," says Rankin. During his Polimoda Duets, the visual artist shares his thoughts with Shah on image consumption, print magazines, the future of the world, the commercial importance of going digital, his wells of inspiration and who he would love to photograph.

John Rankin | Polimoda Duets #5


Idea: Danilo Venturi
Interview: Raoul Shah
Video: Piero Fragola & Elephant Studio