Polimoda Duets: Linda Loppa

Curated by Polimoda, the newest episode of Polimoda Duets, a series of documentary interview videos involving some of the most outstanding cultural figures of our time, features the phenomenal Linda Loppa, Advisor of Strategy and Vision at Polimoda. 

In conversation with Director Danilo Venturi, the third edition reveals an exclusive one-on-one between two industry experts with a beautifully convoluted history. From early childhood memories to life-changing career moments, this episode centers around Loppa’s new book Life is a Vortex, a creative mashup of over 50 years of non-linear thinking stained with success, failure, doubt, courage, disappointment and revival.

As an international figure with over 25 years’ experience in fashion education, Linda Loppa is an inspiration to many. “Linda was and is a very important person for me. She’s a true mentor with an entirely personal expressive code and the kind of humility great personalities have when they’ve got nothing to prove. The first time I read the book, I was profoundly touched by the breathtaking humanity I found between the pages going far beyond Linda’s public figure. This is a unique book that absolutely everyone should read,” states Danilo Venturi. 

Linda’s DNA covers this all-black paperback, inviting readers into fragments of her memory and sharing the importance of never giving up. “This book is not written as a book with a beginning and an end. You can take a page, read it and put it back in your library,” explains Loppa. “Sometimes, books can be so serious…but it’s just a book.” From personal stories to cultural experiences, there is no creative avenue Linda’s cathartic path hasn’t crossed during her fascinating career. It’s time to get lost in the timeless black pages.

Linda Loppa’s new book Life is a Vortex

A special note from Linda Loppa:

Writing is a pleasure; it’s a confrontation with what I was going to forget. I must forget, as the future is the only way to be interested in the world. I am happy with the book and also happy to share my writing with other people, as that was my main concern.

Thanks to all the people, especially Polimoda, who believed that this little book could be worth reading!


Linda Loppa
Author of Life is a Vortex


Idea: Danilo Venturi
Interview: Danilo Venturi
Video: Piero Fragola & Elephant Studio

Life is a Vortex was published by Skira and is available for purchase online.