Polimoda Duets: Marina Abramovic

New series kicks off with icon of contemporary art


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If education is the link between culture and professional realities, then our task as educators is to accompany young minds towards the discovery and understanding of these two universes, which together lay the foundation for the development of personal identity and professional growth.

Danilo Venturi

Addressing the vital link between contemporary culture and education, on October 24th Polimoda launched one of the year’s most exciting educational initiatives: Polimoda Duets, a series of documentary interview videos involving some of the most outstanding cultural figures of our time.

With this new project, the fashion institute opens its doors to art, music, cinema and modern culture, broadening its collaboration with key industry figures in a new exclusive video format. In each episode, a global cultural legend divulges their take on the modern world with a renowned interlocutor, ranging from top-notch journalists to scholars and experts in the field.

Marina Abramović kicked off the first edition, part of an ongoing collaboration with Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi in occasion of Marina Abramović. The Cleaner. Retracing the essence of her work, Abramović places her creative pursuits in dialogue with contemporary society, deeming it dominated by the desire for success and political correctness, the omnipresence of technology and overexposure on social media. In her interview, Abramović explains how performance art can sway humans back to simplicity, putting them in touch with their own emotions.

Marina Abramovic - The Cleaner - Polimoda Duets

As part of the collaboration, Polimoda students participated in a series of workshops dedicated to the artist’s work, an initiative aimed at deepening their understanding of themes surrounding art design and its interaction with the world of fashion. Workshops took place throughout the semester, as well as lectures and guided tours to get a first-hand approach to curating an exhibition.

“It was a great experience to be part of the Marina Abramović workshop held at Palazzo Strozzi. The videos, photographs, installations and the live reproductions of her performances made me wonder about my perception of memory and the present,” says Polimoda Creative Direction student Jovana Filipovic. “I was already familiar with Abramović’s work, but this was an amazing opportunity to approach the artist more closely and understand how and why she revolutionized the idea of performance art.”

In addition to participating in the workshop, Jovana and fellow Creative Direction students Marceau Gadeau and Jose Farelo contributed to the production of the Duets video, assisting producers the day of the shoot.

“Meeting Marina Abramović from a broader panorama allowed me to affirm my responsibility as a performance artist in the 21st century. Her work is important in that it permits us, the current generation of creatives, to acknowledge our duty when communicating messages through the body,” adds Jose Farelo. “Watching her devotion to a single working method made me realize I want to communicate my vision through diverse mediums besides the body, such as film, writing, collages and photography. Reviewing her work in detail led me broaden the kind of spaces in which I desire to develop my creativity in the near future.”

With this exclusive collaboration, Polimoda has given life to the Duets series, expanding its efforts to engage with contemporary society and fostering in-depth dialogues with icons of the global cultural landscape.


In collaboration with Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi
In occasion of Marina Abramovic. The Cleaner at Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze
Idea: Danilo Venturi
Interview: Francesco Brunacci
Video & Music: Piero Fragola & Elephant Studio