Alumni Night 2019

The third edition of the annual alumni event


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On March 22nd, closing off this year’s annual Business Links, Polimoda welcomed back its former students with the third edition of Alumni Night, an exclusive networking meetup aimed at celebrating the Polimoda People community, on the rise since 1986.

The dedicated, alumni-only event took place in the sumptuous setting of Villa Favard, bringing together the people – now luxury and fashion professionals worldwide – that form the backbone of the official Polimoda People community.

Last year’s 2018 edition witnessed the first-ever presentation of the Alumni Award, a moment for the school to recognize a member of the alumni network for their outstanding achievements at the international level, which was awarded in the area of design to Nicholas Kunz. This year, former Senior Vice President of Creative Operations at Burberry for 17 years Fabrizio Fabbro took home the prize, applauded by our director for having been able change the industry from the inside or “behind the seams,” as many of our notable students move on to do.

Polimoda Alumni Night 2019

“The reason I’m here today is that I never left Polimoda – in all these years,” commented Fabbro, who studied Marketing at Polimoda in 1991. “I’ve always been close, I’ve always been following what’s going on. What it gave to me when I was 19, was the chance to put my dreams in a box, to make them a little more real and concrete. It gave me the opportunity to understand that working in the fashion world is not just being a designer. There were many other aspects of of the business, and and that’s where I am today. My advice to students today would be to never stop dreaming: you need to explore. You need to be curious. You need to do things for passion. Don’t do things because you heard that it’s better for your career. You have to do things that you love, and from there your career will naturally come together.”

For the duration of the evening, former students had to chance to reconnect and network within a community of professionals that spans across the institute’s entire 33-year history, providing an atmosphere for sparking new connections, collaborations and industry relations.

Polimoda Alumni Night 2019

“The alumni community is special,” added Polimoda Director Danilo Venturi, a Polimoda alumnus himself. “It’s made of 10,000 people or more, of all the people who have graduated from over the years and decades. It’s special because once you attend Polimoda, you’re not the same as you were before. And this depends on the place. It depends on the teachers, but most of all, it depends on your schoolmates. Because while you’re studying here, you create a network, and this network can last forever. I, myself, am still in contact with people from my Luxury Management class… I think this is a great capital. It’s a human capital, and I think human in this industry is fundamental.”

Polimoda Alumni Night 2019

For the occasion, an exhibition featuring the work of Polimoda’s most recent Fashion Design students filled the main entrance of the villa. 9 pieces from last year’s Separate Collection fashion show – those of Silvia Barcucci, Erica Bergamaschi, Camilla Giani, Antonio Grassi, Andrea Grossi, Song Ha Jung, Alessandra Montani, Ravenna Osgood, Federica Meyer zu Schwabedissen – were mounted on mannequins and displayed as a means of visually applauding the impressive work of the newest members of the alumni community.