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An interview with our alumna Akshita Garud


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Akshita Garud graduated with a master’s degree in Fashion Communications in 2014 at Polimoda, and has since become the Associate Brand Manager and Communication Specialist for Reebok Global. Moving around the world from India to Italy and now to Spain, has really shaped the kind of thinking essential for Akshita’s job.

Who are you?

An ounce of perfection – an abundance of ambition. Obsessed with everything and anything creative. Playing multiple roles as a Fashion Brand Manager, an entrepreneur, a curious mind and a photography enthusiast. Originally from Mumbai in India, I have lived in three different countries in the last three years for higher education and work. Continuously absorbing the social, cultural and intellectual aspects that every new city offers, I am 24 years old and am based in Barcelona.

What is your professional history?

I am currently working for the Adidas Group under Reebok as a Brand Manager and Communication Specialist for Global Accessories. My role gives me a great depth of liberty in terms of playing with creativity of Marketing. The brand management aspect of the role also directs me to work on the business behind accessories, making the perfect amalgamation of a dream job.

Before Reebok, I was interning with Hugo Boss in New York in Visual Merchandising and Marketing. I have worked as a photographer for Not just a label, Missoni, Chromat, Iconoclast Daily, Polimoda, and my work experience also includes working for India´s top bespoke menswear brand SS HOMME and International Lingerie brand La Senza.

Apart from Reebok, I also am the founder of a start up in India called Petcetra. Catering to needs of pet services, we reinvest the company’s revenue in saving and improving the inhumane conditions that stray animals have in India. It has been three years and I’m proud we managed to be one of India´s top pet service company.

What was your moment of realisation when you knew you wanted to work in this field?

Fashion is art, perhaps not the most conventional or appreciated one, but it is art. It is also a crazy circus in its production, function and impact. I have always been attracted to this craziness, which is what led me to study fashion. As I acquired more knowledge and now found my correct role to be a part of this artistic field, I never want to leave this circus.

Akshita Garud - Polimoda Alumna

Describe your typical day.

My typical day is nothing different from any other person, generally glued to my phone, running for a bus or a train, finishing deadlines and struggling to fit in a social life among all this chaos.

I always complain about not having enough hours in the day to juggle my two professional roles. But I have come to the realisation that multitasking and prioritising are the main keys to keeping my day as structured as possible. On a completely contradictory note, I also love newness. I see myself as a sponge who tries to absorb everything and every new impulsive situation. That brings freshness to my daily life. I continuously try to indulge in spontaneous travel plans, hobbies and habits; breaking the monotony that a structured life offers.

Where do you see the future of fashion?

Currently working in an Activewear brand, my realisation about the dominance of technology in the fashion industry is at its peak. Technology has affected this field for years but the depth of its affect and the dependence of this industry on technology is growing immensely. Currently freshness and newness is equated to the degree of technology usage via different channels like Omni media, new fabrication or construction, or social media usage.

In the future I see technology dominating over the fashion industry to a point of saturation that fashion gets completely repelled by it, desperately searching for authenticity.