Youth Against Racism

An open letter to the Polimoda community

Polimoda openly takes sides against any form of racism, be it of gender, race or religion, subtle or manifest, spotted by the media, or remained unheard.

We have always pursued our thoughts with actions, giving space to everyone, hosting students from 70 different nations, giving voice to faculty and guests without asking ourselves the problem of the minority to which they belonged, but always based on what they can do and have to say. However, there are times when things explode, like the case of George Floyd, where our daily behavior is not enough and we need to speak out loud.

Racism is a profound form of insecurity on the part of those who pursue it: those who do not know who they are will reflect themselves into the other and by breaking the mirror, they decide who they are not. This is a primitive form of psychological disambiguation that cannot find any justification in contemporary society. Racism also stems from the sense of impotence: lashing out at those who seem weaker at a certain moment is a way of stating that you are strong, but in reality, this is only abuse. Finally, racism is a form of profound ignorance because in nature, we are all born and all die the same way and in culture, we should be educated enough to know that this is the case.

We belong to the fashion community and know that diversity is a fundamental value for creativity. The best things are born from the energy released by the meeting of opposites. Those who experience fashion know very well that even our inner contrasts can be positively channeled to become something wonderful. We are all the same because we are different. We all spend our time trying to become what we are. That's why fashion schools exist. We know that our classmates are going through the same process, so once we reach the goal, we have respect for others. We enjoy the differences in creative performances and we know that a world without diversity would be infinitely poorer. Fashion knows it, schools do it, and politics should too!