Woolmark returns to Polimoda

For the ultimate Wool Appreciation Course


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A year ago this month, The International Woolmark Prize held their show for the menswear final in Polimoda’s Villa Favard. And just last week, students in their second year of Fashion Design and Fashion Technology were visited by Birgit Gahlen and Ettore Pellegrini from Woolmark to learn about the core of The Company, wool.

The Wool Appreciation Course went through the full process of wool production from farming to finished garment, as well as the legacy of The Woolmark Company, the global authority on wool. Students learned the difference between things like woollen and worsted yarns, how wool fibres are measured and graded, the unique properties of wool, and why this material is so essential to the fashion industry.

There are 28,000 wool growers in Australia who generate 20% of the world’s wool production which goes on to supply many industries, but 80% of the garment industry – especially on a luxury level – uses exclusively Australian Merino Wool. This is because of the distinct quality of the wool and the work of The Woolmark Company, which has created a clear connection between growers and designers, where producers like Zegna in Italy have been able to encourage farmers in rural New South Wales to produce finer wools for their specific needs. This on-farm and off-farm research and development, including the seasonal trend forecasts from The Wool Lab, has built the demand and maintained the prestige of Australian merino wool.

The work of this company is truly unique, and it’s wonderful to have The Woolmark Company back at Polimoda!

Polimoda regularly organises special workshops and applied projects as part of our Undergraduate Courses.