Torsten Hochstetter Joins the Team

Puma’s global creative director is the new Creative Direction mentor


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Polimoda alumnus Torsten Hochstetter is the new mentor of our Master in Creative Direction. Currently serving as the global creative director of Puma following a 15-year tenure at Adidas, Hochstetter believes in the power of mentorship.

Passionate and persistent, the design master is keen on helping students face the challenges of the industry. “360 mentorship is really important. I think it is crucial for young talents to have the support to be able to let their talent grow and to understand in what context to build that talent. It’s also important to build that bridge between creatives and the industry with a certain level of vigor,” explained Hochstetter to The Business of Fashiondefining the value of mentorship at Polimoda.

By bridging the gap between education and the industry, mentors provide mentees a safe space for guidance and support during this critical time. Undoubtedly, with over 25 years’ experience in the industry, the Polimoda alumnus is an infinite pool of knowledge. As the new point of reference for creative direction master students, Torsten Hochstetter will shape Polimoda’s leaders of tomorrow through professional and personal development. 

Students need to remember that being creative is important, but to keep a firm grasp on a certain marketplace, a certain target consumer, a certain channel is key in understanding, otherwise you are bound to lose relevance.

Torsten Hochstetter
Global Creative Director,Puma

We are honored to welcome back Torsten Hochstetter as a Polimoda mentor.