Close to their soul: the Graduate Collections

Master’s Students in Collection Design and Accessories Design


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Last week, the graduating students across two master’s courses presented their final works before their professors, and then, the entire Institute.

Students from Collection Design and Accessories Design exhibited their graduate collections in the beautiful Villa Favard, on display for all teachers and students at Polimoda, as well as their visiting friends and family joining them for graduation day. Experimenting with form, volume, technique and textile, as well as their own selves, the works on display were sincere, new, and spoke to the core of design: humanity and identity. From this experimentation encouraged by the teachers, spontaneous collaborations also ignited between students across courses and nationalities.

The leading teacher for these master’s courses, Andrea Cammarosano, guided these students throughout their time at Polimoda and reflected on their final accomplishments;

These young designers explored themes close to their soul, and at the same time perfected their signature, concrete styles. It was interesting to see that the strongest collections in the group were related to themes of identity: reflections on gender came from a student from China, reflections on youth culture from an Italian student, and reflections on national identity from a Palestinian student. I think this is a sign that fashion is stretching beyond the fantasy and concentrating on the reality; about the idea as well as the product. We are witnessing a young generation that is creative but also realistic, who talk about themselves and about others in the creation of their beautiful clothes and accessories.

After adjudicating all the works, a team of professors chose two collections to be displayed during the upcoming Business Links at Polimoda, and event inviting headhunters and recruiters from all over the world to meet with final year and recently graduated students, including those of these two master’s courses.

PaoYiyu Chen & Mars Zhang - The Third Genderla Spinelli - Uncool manual for cool ideas

Rula Jaraisy & Paola Spinelli - Re-ID

Yiyu Chen from Collection Design and Mars Zhang from Accessories Design collaborated to create their collection together, entitled The Third Gender. After meeting at Polimoda, these students felt a mutual discomfort with binary ideas of gender and saw the need for apparel and accessories to suit other identities. They used composite garments to join or separate two people, made possible with strong pattern-cutting and softened sportswear references. Their collaboration was so fulfilling that not only did they produce incredible work, but they will continue to do so when they start their own brand together upon returning to China.

Yiyu Chen & Mars Zhang - The Third Gender

Yiyu Chen & Mars Zhang - The Third Gender

Rula Jaraisy from Collection Design created her work, Re-ID exploring new identities in layered denim silhouettes, and Paola Spinelli from Accessories Design worked used the idea of trash in her collection of accessories, which amongst other pieces, reworked rubber gloves into leather and was presented alongside her  Uncool manual for cool ideas, a photographic editorial of the collection. These two students presented their collection together as they saw each gave new life to the other.

Rula Jaraisy & Paola Spinelli - Re-ID

Paola Spinelli - Uncool manual for cool ideas

Congratulations to all the students on their works, who are now all indeed designers. We look forward to seeing how your futures unfold.