Joint Courses

Polimoda is proud to offer a portfolio of courses in collaboration with other leading fashion institutes in Europe and around the world. These programs offer a superb opportunity to combine education with an international experience and cultural exchange. Examples of some programs we have made with our partner universities can be seen below.

FIT New York

The Seasonal in Fashion Store Concept provides students with the skills and knowledge required to deal with the complete working process behind the creation of a multi-brand or mono-brand fashion pop-up shop. The course will be held in two of the most enchanting cities in the world; the first two weeks will be spent living and studying in Florence at Polimoda and the following two weeks at FIT in New York.

Parsons Paris

Polimoda and Parsons Paris – The New School have partnered to offer a new course in the framework of API Study Abroad Summer Programs. Students will have an unprecedented opportunity to learn from some of the best fashion and design minds in the world through an itinerant study program between European fashion capitals Paris and Florence.

AMD Berlin

The Seasonal in Fashion Future in partnership with AMD Akademie Mode & Design — kicking off in Berlin and ending in Florence — addresses the uncertainty of the future of fashion through a thoughtful combination of varied topics and speakers; the course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of sustainability, trend forecasting and craftsmanship. 

Institute of Fashion Osaka

Polimoda and Osaka Institute of Fashion in Japan have a longstanding partnership to promote educational exchanges between the students of both institutions. This program allows students to understand different approaches to learning and making, as well as invaluable cultural immersion.

Exchange Student Agreement

Each year the international exchange project involves one Polimoda graduate from Fashion Design and a designer from Osaka Institute of Fashion. They each engage in a period of study abroad for research, cultural understand and to find ideas and creative concepts for their collections, and then participate in the final fashion show of the other institution.

Shape & Silhouette

For visiting students from Osaka Institute of Fashion, this course is dedicated to the exploration and analysis of form, volume and silhouette. Starting in June, the program includes the study of historical and contemporary volumes, the presentation of a concept for the core inspiration of a collection, and a study of draping in one of the collection elements. Super Design Course For visiting students from Osaka Institute of Fashion, this week-long course is dedicated to the preparation of a collection, from an introduction to a methodology of research and development of themes and ideas in garments.

The program starts in September and includes how to research and then develop a concept, and the steps from concept to design, and to collection planning, and eventually how to make a full creative collection.


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