Polimoda: straight to the essence

Words from our Director's hand


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Once we were what we were
then we are becoming what we had
then what we consumed
and now they have made becoming what we throw away

Danilo Venturi, Director of Polimoda

Human-centric values uphold the institutional foundation. Polimoda brings attention back to what really counts: the body and mind of young students, their gaze as it is, full of dreams and nightmares.

Knowledge is the key to personal power and potency. The trinity of evaluation consists of ideas, realizations and presentations. Coupled with research, these tools become the keys to the doors of knowledge.

Forgo the glamour. Today’s aesthetic of glamour is the separate collection of tomorrow, as it reflects the ethics of possession, mass narcissism, screaming titles, finance and programmed obsolescence of technology.

Waste and overconsumption are generated by the lack of identity. Through the rethinking of clothes, materials, places and even ourselves, we restore dignity and open the doors to new, possible futures for upcoming generations.

Closing the gap between education and industry. Polimoda bridges the gap with educational structures to provide real-life insight, experience and knowledge to possess the most realistic understanding of the fashion world.

The time has come to concentrate on the mind and the heart, the essence of you. Amidst a world obsessed with filters and living in an augmented reality, strip away the embellished outward layers.

Language disguises the mind and fashion disguises the body. Given fashion is language, fashion is thought. Speak up, speak out. Displace fashion; an educated opinion will shape your way.

Growth manifests in the presence of change. Away with the masks and commercial promises, it is time to concentrate on content, on life experience and your true understanding of self to become what you are.

From the Director’s notebook
Penned by our Director Danilo Venturi, this article presents the concepts that comprise the essence of Polimoda as an academic institution, guiding the school’s didactics and identity as it enters the new academic year.