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As you probably already know, music and fashion are interconnected. And our students count on music to keep them inspired. That’s why we decided to create an exclusive Polimoda Spotify profile for our community!

 From working in the design labs to studying in the library, our young talents use music as a tool to improve their concentration, uplift their mood, reduce stress, evoke memories, tap into their creativity and so much more. And we've always been curious about what they're listening to while they're working on their craft.

From exclusive playlists curated by our very own PolimodaPeople to original podcast episodes with some of the biggest names in fashion and culture like Marina Abramović, Rick Owens, Marco Bizzarri, Tim Blanks, Lidewij Edelkoort, Iris van Herpen and more, Polimoda's Spotify profile was created not only for our students, but for everyone who is curious about fashion and our school. 

Here are the Polimoda playlists and podcasts currently available on Spotify:


What? Curated by #PolimodaPeople. Mrs. Favard, the original owner of one of our Polimoda campuses, was an Aries with a fabulous Florentine social life. She loved hosting dinner parties in her villa on the Arno. She was an independent woman who mingled with aristocrats, artists and modern entrepreneurs. This playlist is inspired by her passion for music and dance. 

When? Updated monthly

How long? About an hour

Listen to the Playground playlist on Spotify

Deep Focus

What? Curated by #PolimodaPeople, this playlist will sharpen your focus and help you stay motivated. Whether you're at home or at school, put your headphones on and improve your concentration with the perfect background music for studying.  

Updated? Monthly

How long? About an hour of music

Listen to the Deep Focus playlist on Spotify

Work Flow

What? Curated by #PolimodaPeople and inspired by the flow of being in the zone, this feel-good playlist will keep you company whether you’re working on your collection in the design labs, touching up your latest presentation or finishing up a shoe design sketch.

Updated? Monthly

How long? About an hour of music

Listen to the Work Flow playlist on Spotify

Postcards from Florence

What? Postcards from Florence is a collection of fragments of stories and urban portraits taken in the memorable streets of Florence that brought our city's art, history, architecture and beauty to life. Here’s the playlist curated by the students featured in the online photography exhibition.

Updated? Never

How long? About an hour of music

Listen to the Postcards from Florence playlist on Spotify

Human Poetics

What? During Milano Fashion Week Women's Collection 2021, Polimoda presented a short movie featuring 20 collections by Undergraduate in Fashion Design students. This unique playlist, inspired by a new Renaissance, accompanied the garments that were featured in unconventional Florentine locations.

Updated? Never

How long? About 30 minutes of music

Listen to the Human Poetics playlist on Spotify

Polimoda Radio

What? If you want to know what Polimoda sounds like, this is it. If you want to feel closer to our community, have a listen. 

Updated? Monthly

How long? About an hour of music

Listen to Polimoda Radio on Spotify

Polimoda Podcast

What? Discover conversations with some of the biggest fashion figures in the industry. Best Jobs in the World is a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most notable professions in fashion and Polimoda Duets features the voices and stories of leading creatives such as Marina Abramović, Tim Blanks, Rick Owens, Vaness Friedman, Lidewij Edelkoort, Iris van Herpen and more. 

Updated? Monthly

How long? About 40-60 minutes per episode

Listen to Polimoda Podcast on Spotify

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