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One of the main advantages of choosing to rely on external training is that it opens up new perspectives by providing impartial viewpoints on your work and important basis for discussion. Polimoda’s corporate training programs are designed to benefit both businesses and professionals who aim to expand their horizons with the help of experts in the field, a potential factor that will propel them ahead of many other companies.

Fashion Law

The course tackles the broad spectrum of financial and legal matters related to fashion and sustainability. It is conceived to offer fashion professionals a chance to learn more about the laws that regulate the industry. Expert teachers from different fashion backgrounds will cooperate synergistically to ensure a pragmatic and multidisciplinary approach, specifically aimed at ensuring the achievement of our client’s business goals.

The program is based on the main subject areas:

  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Brand protection and protection of the “Made in Italy” label
  • Anti-fraud and anti-counterfeiting measures

Trend Forecasting

The fast-paced dynamics that today underlie human connection and interaction can make spotting trends as challenging as locking on to a constantly moving target.

The course teaches how to adopt a wider perspective and always be ahead of the game, continuously keeping track of forecasts and knowing how to seize opportunities quickly as they arise. Learn how to detect and interpret trends, spot the socio-cultural movements that jumpstart new creative directions, predict customer expectations and new lifestyles.

Fashion in the Era of Digital Media

In the digital era, the web has acquired a fundamental status within the fashion world. Thanks to their changing and immediate nature, blogs and social media are often paramount a privileged observation point into the rise of newborn trends as they achieve global fame or inevitably fall into oblivion.

This program’s aim is to take online fashion know-how to a whole new level through media research and network analysis.