Rendez-Vous with Sarah Blair and Christopher Lacy

Buyer and the Beast: how taste, luxury and humor define a brand

Guest lectures

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On January 12th at 11am, during the 93rd edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo, Sarah Blair and Christopher Lacy of Barneys New York will combine the worlds of merchant and strategist to offer the Polimoda Rendez-Vous crowd a glimpse into what it takes to define taste and luxury in a multi-vendor atmosphere, and the unrelenting need for humor throughout the process.

Over the course of their blossoming decades-long careers, the two luxury retail and fashion veterans have been on the lookout for new gateways into understanding the industry and in doing so they have been asking all the right questions. For example: how do we define taste and luxury in an ever-changing socio-economic climate? How do we create a sense of brand identity when there are more than 900 vendors represented in one space?

Sarah Blair and Christopher Lacy, respectively SVP, DMM Women’s Accessories and Director of Customer Experience and Strategy, know very well that curating a successful brand goes far beyond strategic planning but instead encompasses the internal need to understand how consumers define themselves and their lifestyle. The former is renowned for having launched and developed many significant luxury brands thanks to her keen taste level and expertise with leather goods, soft accessories, jewelry and shoes; while the latter has 20 years of experience managing and strategizing businesses for companies such as Armani, BOSS, Gucci, Donna Karan, Omega and now uses his talents to craft memorable experiences for clients and brands.

From showroom to sales floor, the duo’s guest lecture will cover all retail grounds and provide precious insight on the ever-changing world of luxury retail and trend forecasting, while proclaiming humor to be one of the key assets to career advancement and self-fulfillment.