Rendez-Vous with Marco Bizzarri


On Monday February 13th, Gucci President and Chief Executive Officer Marco Bizzarri will visit Polimoda to give a presentation on reinvention. Mr. Marco Bizzarri knows that companies must innovate or die. Having the chance to learn directly from him How we did it, and how to make it last, is a unique opportunity for Polimoda students, professors and alumni, not to mention a great privilege for the Institute.

At the end of 2014, Gucci was losing market share. On January 2015, Mr. Bizzarri took the helm of the brand, and in his new role as President and CEO of Gucci, one of the very first strategic decisions was the appointment of Gucci’s new Creative Director, Alessandro Michele. With Marco Bizzarri and Alessandro Michele at the helm of the Florentine brand, Gucci entered a new chapter in its illustrious history. In a very short period of time, thanks to the savvy of Bizzarri’s guidance in strategic and management matters and Michele’s new contemporary vision, the brand has achieved a remarkable number of goals, making Gucci, without any doubt, the most talked about and most admired luxury fashion brand in the world today.

The success, however, of Marco Bizzarri’s trailblazing vision for Gucci did not come out of nowhere. Indeed Mr. Bizzarri has held executive roles within the Kering group for over 10 years, first as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Stella McCartney and a Member of the Kering Management Committee. In 2009, Mr. Bizzarri became the President and Chief Executive Officer of Bottega Veneta, where he established the house as one of the few Italian brands to offer truly handcrafted products, made with the indisputable expertise of master Italian artisans. In 2014 Marco Bizzarri became CEO Luxury – Couture & Leather Goods at Kering, with the CEOs of Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Brioni, Christopher Kane, McQ, Stella McCartney, Tomas Maier and Sergio Rossi all reporting to him. One year later, he took on the challenging role of reinventing Gucci.

The impressive turnaround that Mr. Bizzarri achieved – and in less than two years – is even more astonishing when compared with average growth across the sector. It is for this reason that Marco Bizzarri’s work is now cited by the industry and Polimoda professors alike, as a case study in brand reinvention. It is also why, and not unexpectedly, the British Fashion Council honoured Marco Bizzarri as the International Business Leader of the Year, at The Fashion Awards in December, 2016.

During his special guest lecture, Mr. Marco Bizzarri will speak to Polimoda students about leadership and the guiding principles behind Gucci’s reinvention, and what’s next for the company.