Rendez-Vous with Lapo Cianchi

The Polimoda Rendez-Vous series continues with Lapo Cianchi, Director of Communication, Special events and International relations at Pitti Immagine, one of the most important international fair companies in the fashion sector. 

Mr Cianchi is also the Secretary General for the Pitti Discovery Foundation, which has been active since 1999 in the fields of contemporary art and culture by means of exhibitions, installations, events, books and projects of a multidisciplinary nature.

If you’d like to take part, you can book your seat free of charge, using the appropriate form on this website, as long as places are available.

Pitti Immagine

Pitti Immagine is an Italian company devoted to promoting the fashion industry worldwide. From the top down, its motivated staff fully believes in the concept of the modern trade fair as an event that is in a constant stage of renewal and development – indeed Pitti Immagine has recently expanded its scope to include other industries such as food and fragrance. According to Pitti Immagine the trade fair must create clear and stimulating relationships involving the exhibitors, their collections and the buyers and public, by offering information and knowledge. Pitti Immagine organizes international fairs and promotional events in all areas of fashion. The goal is to select and present high quality products, the most innovative styles and highlight their cultural and social relevance and their research content.

Through the fairs and events it stages Pitti Immagine has added a new dimension to “destination Florence”, in addition to its artistic and cultural heritage, the city is a fulcrum for today’s style and savoir vivre. And the lifestyle concept prompted Pitti Immagine to expand its scope to other fields: wine and food, fragrances and personal wellness.

Fondazione Pitti Discovery

The Pitti Discovery Foundation mission is to reflect on the relationships between fashion, art, architecture, communication and the short circuit that triggers off their interaction. A seismograph and catalyser of projects, ideas and trends that bring shape and identity to thinking and contemporary creativity. The Pitti Discovery Foundation promotes and enhances cultural research and artistic productions, analysing those areas where fashion finds its creative inspirations and forms of experimentation.

Over the years the Foundation has independently produced numerous exhibition and publishing projects that compare fashion, visual arts, cinema, photography, advertising, architecture and music. Innovative pioneering projects that inspire fashion processes and form the basis for  increasingly more frequent dialogue. The initiatives presented by the Pitti Discovery Foundation are a reflection of the multi-faceted international creative scenario: a project experience that also narrates recent developments in the cultural and communication strategy of Pitti Immagine.


Lapo Cianchi is Director of Communication, Special events and International relations at Pitti Immagine, and he is also the Secretary General for the Pitti Discovery Foundation. He has worked as a journalist for Sole 24 Ore, La Repubblica Firenze, Il Mondo and Mondo Economico and as a business consultant. He was a board member at Firenze Expo, currently Firenze Fiera, from 1998 to 2003. He has taken part in national and international conferences, speaking on themes concerning the relationship between business and culture and between fashion, art and communication.